‼ LP Underground 17 Available Now!

Yeah I know, but I was wondering about the merch.
They don’t just ship the Merch bundle out and charge your credit card, right? I mean… they wouldn’t do that, but my friend was wondering and I thought I’d ask.

Right, you have to order it if it’s something you want. :grin:

If my parents ever take my phone, log into the bank app and see the history of purchases… especially in LPU they’ll get a heart attack :see_no_evil:




Believe my parents would get one too😂 i thibk i spend nearly 300€ the last 2 month😅


Including lp store and lpu store

Oh well , guys , can anybody help ? I purchased the deluxe bundle , and 13 December going to be a shipping . but , how to claim a lpu digital membership , which is included to a purchase ? Still can’t get it… can anybody help ? Thank you. And appreciate .


Did you receive a code in your confirmation email?

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Ok my email looked like this and where it says in the blue area click here to redeem coupon.

I had to hold down on that area
Than the next picture is what poped up

[image removed]

I removed the one screenshot for now since the coupon code could be used by anyone, and I’m not sure if you wanted your email address public. I’m not at home at the moment, I can help you out further in about an hour or two

thank you for looking out for me.

there are couple of songs that show and error occur and won’t go into my library of iTunes. Any logic why this would have happened?


Your profile now says you’re membership is active, so I think you’re all good to go there already. I know it didn’t say it a few days back when I checked. Just to be sure, I checked if the coupon code that was in the image I removed was still valid, and it is not.

As for the iTunes problem, was it something downloaded for the Linkin Park website? Some file formats aren’t supported by iTunes, so that might be the problem, but I think everything from here is MP3s

I got a promo code for something to claim , but nothing else …

You need to redeem that code to activate your membership.

Oh, happy day.



I don’t wanna sound like everyone else questioning why the status of shipments, but mine hasn’t even shipped yet and people are receiving theirs


Lorenzo must have banned you from the underground :scream: :smirk:

Maybe they are shipping them based on date ordered? Or just random luck :man_shrugging:


Same here…i wrote 2 emails to Fullscreen Direct , the first one 2 weeks ago and the second 3 daxs ago, asking when it will be shipped and all i got was an automatically received email that they are sorry… (the answer to both of my emails were the exact same)

I got mine just the other day, its really nice but I’m a bit disappointed. I had select the shirt size 2X thinking that they would send me a plus size shirt but instead I received what looks like a Junior Girls size XXL which are two completely different sizes! I spent my hard earn money one something that I will never be able to wear now.

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