LP live 2017+ Honoring Chester at Hollywood Bowl

Linkin Park and friends celebrate life and honor Chester Bennington at 27 of October at the legendary Hollywood Bowl, CA
Tickets can be bought here


Wow, I spent way too much time organising my thread, I didn’t see this one.

Yours is much better). I think, I should delete mine. How to do it, by the way?)

You can’t delete topics, only site staff can

finally a concert date lol

you don t have to del @NickGr - it just happen and we have two threads - that is far away fromspamming imo!!! So and I think everyone has the possibility to post where he likes… this freedom of shelter, have a nice day,and I will sure enjoy both threads…:stuck_out_tongue:


UPD:another date has been announced. Download Festival in France, June 2017


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I really wish I lived in France now, that is an awesome lineup


Gotta wait until the US - Fl one.

I do hope they record it though like on LPTV

Another show has been announced . Telecom Volt Festival, Sopron, Hungary. June, 27 Tickets will be on sale November , 17

that’s what I was waiting for :slight_smile: now I have to save some money :smiley:


What did I just read :see_no_evil: (No escape)

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Netherlands… please :pray:


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Yes! They better come to Pinkpop!!


I wish they come to Moscow… It’s been 2 years and I’m kinda missing)

Hope they come to England. Need more venues

they do, :wink:

Come on Rock Werchter, announce LP today (4pm)! :sweat: