"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

Does it have anything to do with Symphonies of Light Reprise?

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Maybe not, cuz that’s a 2010 demo and they started with fresh new music for this album and also mike said in an interview that the song title is not changed from the beginning.

There’s been some small speculation that Chance the Rapper may he featured in the new album, considering that the official LP page followed him around the same time that the track length for Battle Symphony was released.


This might sound crazy but I been listening to heavy all day today and yesterday I just love the video the song is deep and beautiful ok don’t judge me.

@yeahitss48 that was very nice I like it a course and I also love LP.


I know that this is true. I have been waiting to see LP for over 10 years and want to see them live along with a meet and greet

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The tour discussion is here btw


Are going to meet them and see their concert if you are your so lucky right now.

Told you that there might be a new single next week! :smirk::smirk:
I guess, now we can say that Battle Symphony is not an instrumental


I didn’t think they would do instrumentals on a 10 track album anyway. It’s too short and they would probably make even more people mad that way.


At first we were afraid that Battle Symphony can be an instrumental song. Never know what LP can do) and btw, if I bought that $150 package, will I get the second song when it will come out? Does anybody know?

And they will never release an instrumental as a single! Right? Maybe? :open_mouth:

I don’t think so​:joy: It’s going to make fans really mad then :joy: However, we had no idea that Battle Symphony is going to be a single, or for now, might be a single.

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Off topic here, but I’d like to share this that I made, which i think sounds very LP style (MTM/pre-HT style) https://soundcloud.com/azim-yehiya/hip-hop-rock

“Symphonies of Light” was probably just a working title for The Catalyst, given how similar Symphonies of Light Reprise sounds to The Catalyst, and reprises usually only exist if there’s a normal version of the song already

For example:

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I still can’t believe that they have produced Heavy (and maybe One More Light too) because I miss everything which was LP once.
Does anybody know who actually had made that?

Wait, what?

LP self produced OML, like they did with THP, if that’s what you’re asking.

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Apparently Battle Symphony is releasing on March 17th. If this is true then we’ll most likely have an announcement tomorrow.


It’s most likely. Whenever the track length of a song on itunes is revealed,it is released the following friday. So kinda confirmed.


Battle Symphony has leaked, but I’m not listening