"You need to" game

My session is over, so now I can try to kidnap you using LP special powers

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thank you lol “put me out of my misery” school sucks @NickGr


So we need XXX to set this up. [from the movie, google it]

I am in to kidnap sunshiny @NickGr @gatsie @yolo5494


me going on on this cs :joy:
so next one this:
#if you like to go to a life show, you need to find the right show!

rules in OP

To go to the right show you should check this thread (self-advertising :joy:)

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if ya should check this thread,you must know it is made by Nick… :joy:

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If you must know, then you must be on the forums

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when you are on this forum, you clear have to be an LP fan!

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To be a LP fan, you’ve got to hear one of their songs on the radio
To hear it on the radio, you’ve got to listen to a good radio station

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To find a good radio station you need to go back in time about 2 decades or so.

To go back in time you’ll need time machine or… Black magic
To learn black magic,you’ve got to write the circles properly
To draw the circles you need to study geometry

To study Geometrie you should like abstract thinking at last! If you like to think abstract- you sure like to explain the Big Bang Theorie !

To think abstractly you need to be less logical about things.

to be less logical about things, you must sink up ya intelligence level :joy:
( mostly roomtemprature level fits haha (aka: 19-28 % intelligence level and it flows with the abstract thinking Dude! :stuck_out_tongue: )

To sink up your intelligence level, you need to go to old boring school

To go to old boring school you need legs

To need legs, you need to be born.

And to be born you need parents who will feed you, thus you have food…finally.

Who’s next?

To need parents, they have to be born