LP live 2017+ Honoring Chester at Hollywood Bowl

hi @anvanoppens hope we meet again :stuck_out_tongue:

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@anvanoppens Can you close my thread with the same topic as this one? We don’t need both of them.

New show in Poland announced, Impact Festival on June 15th.

@NickGr If you want, you can make this a wiki thread and everyone can add the new shows to OP as they are announced.




Hi pals! Do you know how to get meet&greet tickets? Are they gonna do such meetings after festivals?

Well, nothing has been announced yet

You have to be a LPU member to be considered for a m&g. Otherwise, there are VIP tickets you can buy that include a m&g. Seeing these are all festival shows (so far at least), changes may apply and those tickets (VIP ones) probably won’t be available. Wait till tickets go on sale to see what’s up.

Well, this is my first year here, in LPU, so how does m&g works? I’ve heard it’s a lottery

Lottery? I though you just buy a ticket with limited availability on a first come first serve basis.


When the band is on tour, members can sign up for the chance to meet members of LINKIN PARK via the LPU Meet & Greet Lottery. LPU members who are selected for the Meet & Greets receive a commemorative laminate and take a group photo with the band and other LPU members to remember the event. Sign ups are available through the LPU Contest page here.

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Yeap, it’s a random draw, you gotta be lucky to get selected. Amound of people depends on the country and the venue. But there are, there were at least, VIP tickets with a m&g available (different than the LPU one).

As expected, LP is also playing Hellfest in France.

no confirmation from the band yet

True, but we already knew they were playing Hellfest for months now. The info was accidentaly leaked.


Now you can buy a tickets on ImpacFest in Poland.

So, they are playing Belgium’s Rock Wrechter July 1st.


They are playing Milan, Italy on June 17th. http://idays.it/

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FINALLY :heart:


Why don’t they just announce all the dates in one go instead of spamming our emails everyday? :angry:

keep cool man , btw lp mails NEVER spam :stuck_out_tongue: