LP Karaoke Corner

Yep, I’m the bravest :blush: thank you @anna834 I am everyone’s fan base, the one who believes you can all sing and you’re all bloody brilliant :woozy_face: haha

Aw, we will forgive any mishaps in your singing in that case :baby: haha! I can’t sing but I’d happily sing from the audience when you guys go on tour :metal: :partying_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey Justin,
I can’t listen to it? :thinking:
Google says I have no clearance. :woman_shrugging:

@gatsie sweet! :blush:
Did you do anything with your voice extra?

So not true. I love to sing, always have. And I sing a lot, for sheep and boars. But it’s not getting any better. :joy::joy:

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Aye I had to request permission too :sweat_smile:

If you wanna email it to me or send it to me over message and I can put it up the same way me and charles do

I just saw that what the hell lol. You guys are cleared!

Still no :woman_shrugging:

@anna834 I sometimes record in bathroom for acoustic reasons.

@justinkilmer I click for access. Sorry about that.


I hate google :joy::joy: alright it says you all have access @gatsie it’s all good! You have permission as well


Thanks for the access @justinkilmer, sounds great.

Maybe a dumb question, but are we all supposed to record Numb for this Karaoke thing? Or can participants record any LP song? :eyes:

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You are brave!!! :muscle:
Hey Justin, I like your voice! :blush:

Whoooooooaaaa! :partying_face::partying_face: pfiouuuuu!

Ehmmm :flushed:
I’m coming to the realization that I liked it better when I could just beat up on @chigokurosaki :flushed::flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Well done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Seems Showtime :grin:

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Well initially when we did in the end in the random poll that was to be the end of it(chigo and I-it was just another argument we wanted to settle :joy:) then @alz89 requested we try faint and numb which is why we went with this, I did faint there but pointlessly

Justin and Rick said they’d do numb with us and it’s where I invited everyone to join in on it so I’d say if you can, it would be cool to hear yours :grin:
As this progresses we can base off of requests or personal choice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait? There are recordings of you guys doing In The End, Faint and Numb? I’ve got to hear those!

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:joy: in the end we both did,

Faint I did as a joke and to get this going again :grimacing:

Numb I have both chigo and my own recordings here, I’ll upload in an hour or so if I can get free time :sweat_smile: let me link it


Yeeeeeah don’t expect much from faint :joy:
I like the raps, the singing I just screwed around :sweat_smile:
The second sung verse at the end I just made a random voice pretending I had lost my voice :roll_eyes:

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Oh wow! That’s awesome, I Just gave a listen to it. Sounds great!:metal::joy:

With complete video’s how cool! The Batman and Deadpool give a nice effect to IT.

Btw… Faint is pretty tricky lol.

Too bad you guys dont have Smule. You get to use instrumentals while recording your vocals. I’m a Smule fan sorry :sweat_smile:


Alright :crazy_face:
Sooooo… currently at the park so haven’t been able to get my hands on @justinkilmer’s file to give it the proper treatment like these two but it will be going up along with these ASAP-a couple hours

Won’t post a poll or anything for 24-48 hours to give time-let me know if more time needed or wanted as there’s no rush at all on this stuff :grin:

Judge as you wish as we didn’t give much in the way of rules this go around so yeah
Enjoy! Make fun! Join in :sweat_smile::joy:


I don’t think so. That’s everything, but a good idea XD

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Promised :sunglasses:

Well good Luck guys. Sounds awesome. Now I AM even more scared to join. Maybe best if I leave it to all you professionals :joy:


Have you tried it? :star_struck::sweat_smile::joy:
Yeah no bueno :joy:

I’ll get it :grin:
I actually just saw an ad for it :sweat_smile: it does look pretty awesome :grin:

:scream::cold_sweat: nooo you know you’re gonna blow us out of the water that’s why you’re trying to shy away :roll_eyes::crazy_face: come onnn :grin: give us a smule one :sweat_smile:

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