Random Poll Thread

Maybe on your side IKEA is the best, but here… nope. They have decent cookies and jams but hotdogs…

In n out :nerd_face:

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Why the taggies??!?

You’ve been called one of the weirdest among us :upside_down_face:


IWA (Iconic Weirdness Association)


bro its time we revived this :rofl: the other day we talked about it, i knew i had to stop holding up lol
gotta keep my word :persevere:

alright soooo… i know i accepted but ill come clean and admit chigo is right and i cannot physically vocally possibly do faint :confounded: challenge forfeited :tired_face:
i WILL challenge you on numb to grant allie’s wish as we said, i test ran it and its much more feasible :rofl:

however… as i said… man of my word…not so much a man of my pride lol
fine with the raps, i cant do the screams and after the first i wont lie i lost my voice and cannot speak for a week now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: its uhhh…fairly obvious the second time around and so i quit out on those main screams :sweat_smile:
i feel just putting this up is plenty humiliation to fulfill my requirement :roll_eyes:

@chigokurosaki. numb. by end of weekend(?) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: then we can set the poll up again lol we took an onion broath :stuck_out_tongue:

sooo…feel free to be brutal lol

maybe when my voice comes back ill try the main scream (or not :sweat_smile: )



Well done! :+1:
And brave! :muscle:

Your rap part gets better and better :blush:

But you really scream all wrong.:scream:
Take care of your voice!

Maybe we should install some screaming class. If we had a teacher. I l so could use this.
Not for singing. But I loose my voice everytime I have a hard day with the dogs and sheep.

So, now @chigokurosaki :partying_face:
Really curious about your scream! :grin:


That was actually pretty cool, especially the rapping! Have you ever considered writing your own lyrics? As for the singing, it sounds as if you’re holding back. I’d like to hear you sing with more volume


:joy: yeah I know
To be fair I was trying to just goof around after a while
I knew I couldn’t scream

:sweat_smile: thanks!

Besides the three that I posted here on the forum I haven’t really… if I ever have an idea I jot it down wherever I’m at at the moment but then never really go back to it

I am but the more volume the less control I have over it :grimacing:

I used to never sing, too shy and sound bad lol even now it’s mostly while driving alone haha
the more careless I got within the last year the more I’ve gotten used to things but as me and chigo said, we were just starting off goofing around knowing we suck at it lol


@framos1792 the lyrics that you wrote are really good, you should really write more lyrics and if you need help with writing lyrics you have a lot of great writers here to help you

By the way that was brave of you for trying that song but, the original Is far better, but nice try


Ey thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Nahhhhhhh(?) really(?) :joy:
And here I was thinking I had Beat both mike and Chester :roll_eyes:


Haha I get that. Just let us know if you have a new take :grin:

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Only if your voice can handle it. :joy:

Lmao, I’m not doing faint, just numb.


I’m ready to go whenever you are lol
I figure I need to give you plenty of chances, I mean odds are- there’s something you’ll be able to beat me at right(?) I mean…there has to be(?) :grimacing:

Pansy :stuck_out_tongue:

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So we totally missed the deadline, lol. But I’ll definitely have my cover of Numb up before the week is over.


I have mine done lol

That’s pretty good singing, you’d be the perfect audience member - someone who knows the words and sings in tune. Rap is definitely better but you probably lack confidence in singing. I reckon you could do the chorus, just keep trying it and feel it damnit. Americans, what can’t you guys sing! :grimacing:


:sweat_smile: thank you :blush: yeah I’m loads more comfortable on the rap :grimacing:
Ehhh…there’s some singing that uhh…I can do lots better but because it’s easier or I can control better :no_mouth:

Hear that @the_termin8r(?) :smirk:

Idk if you saw our in the end battle :joy:
Anyway all this is just a bit of fun for me and the guys… @IronSoldier16 neeeds to try too :triumph:
Calling out terminator, @jrtrussell, oh I knooooow friggin @justinkilmer is up for this :thinking: right bro!, @rickvanmeijel :flushed: it’s be interesting to hear youuuu :grin:
@jFar920, @derek? :joy:
Up for karaoke? :joy:
Come onnnn, everyone wanna see everyone do it right?! Don’t have to be just us Two onions :joy:


All for it :partying_face::partying_face:


Hell no.