Random Poll Thread

Not sure why I’m creating this, but it’s a combination of factors, including @gatsie’s fondness of quizzes.

Yup, so just whatever poll you would like to post, you post here, if you don’t wanna spam the forums.

So the first random poll:

Approximately how much does a 1.5 litre bottle of coca-cola cost in your city? (Average based on the shops you usually see)

  • Less than 1€
  • 1,00€ to 1,25€
  • 1,26€ to 1,49€
  • 1,50€ to 1,75€
  • 1,76€ to 2,00€
  • 2,01€ to 2,25€
  • 2,26€ to 2,50€
  • More than 2,50€

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lol :joy:

I don’t think we’ve got a 1.5 here so I voted with the price of a 1.75 (yes I converted it from £).

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They come in packs of 2 here for about 2.20. If you buy just one it’s 1,45 or so.

It’s alright, in fact, some of the 1.5 litre bottles I bought were actually 1.25 litre bottles, without even realising. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here they also come in packs of 2 for 3,00, or 2 bottles for 3,20, etc, depending on shop.

I’m a bit baffled by this. Isn’t @annawe from Germany?

Edit: Probably 0,99€ or something.

I was actually wondering the same, but my way would have been different because of the currency conversion. I would have asked how many 1.5L bottles could you buy in the price of a pepperoni medium pizza?
Fun thread nevertheless :slight_smile:

Yes, 0,99€ but I’ve seen it here also for much more money…

I knew it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just going through the w/w thread looking over my old pics when I came across 3 that I really liked and wanted to see which was considered best by you guys.




  • A
  • B
  • C

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That’s what you would call the start of the apocalypses

I’ve posted other interesting ones but those are my top 3.

the next BOTS will include :

  • ​a) Albums battling
  • ​b)LPU
  • ​c) Unreleased (or released without a success) songs 1997-99?
  • ​d) the unreleased ones and albums(Sorry, @acemsters!)

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very nice ya revived this thread
ya saw this ACE? <3 @the master himself @acemasters
So guys go ahead and vote!


Recharged is going to be added because I have already set the league up


I feel like i’m at elections in Russia. Even if you vote, the organisation will win

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Lol !:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Look at the poll Dude: the Votes are with :notes: @acemasters … Me looking forward To the BOTA with RECHARGED :heart:


Here’s a weird one. If you had an Xmas wish, would you wish that you were temporarily deaf for the whole of December to avoid the god awful music?

I’m aware that you can have work-around wishes such as being deaf only to Xmas carols but I mean in general.

  • Yes
  • No

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Bonus question:

If you had to watch another version of “A Christmas Carol” what would you do?

  • Watch it and enjoy it
  • Take your eyes out with a spoon
  • Beg Santa for a big-ass shotgun

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lol I am soo sorry Rob… :joy:

Are you serious or are you trolling?

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