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When I tried logging into my account earlier today, I had to request a password reset. But then I recalled that this was something mentioned in their news email/message before the platform migration took place.

They’re being held hostage


-.- I know where you live

I think I got it finally, but where is your acer?

btw: after the migration/ site changes on the account under the avatar pic my full name is displayed, is it visible for everybody watching my profile? and on another note: we should maybe create a new thread on this theme? for not messing up all threads :relaxed:

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Yeah, I was wondring that too if our full name is displayed. Also, apparently the name AJ7 has already been taken :cry:

So the http://linkinpark.com/blogs is now under “posts”:

The navigation is a pain. You have to dig through a bunch of sub menus and if you haven’t saved on each sub menu you have to go back a redo everything.

You should still be able to have your old names guys, I mean I got mine.

EDIT: The remember me feature is also broken.

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If only if only @theearlywalker

NOOOOWAY give it back @AJ7 [seems that it can´t be tagged…gb:confounded:

@samuel_the_leader: yes yes…but to translate your last post, it will cost a while again…mh, sooner than guessed…:relieved:

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On the topic of the move. Where are the LPU forum sections that supposedly should have been open to everyone?

keep calm Rob, Rom wasn´t buildt in a day :stuck_out_tongue: [isn´t today ya first day at college? Did I confuse the dates?]

No it’s not my first day. I have to go to that week on the 12th but that’s not a study week and then the week after is the official 1st week of uni and that’s not a study week either :stuck_out_tongue:

so 12 days free ahead…my envie is yours…:alien:

What translation is there?

I invited YOU! Or better: i tried To! :stuck_out_tongue:

What you invited me into is still public, not group personal messages.

On this topic, we are still waiting for your reply here:

I could have sworn I answered that in some other thread. I haven’t tortured anyone unfortunately. Well not physically at least lol

[spoiler]Oh well, creativity is spontaneous and really depends on what you have at hand but an interesting way I thought of is to get a chain, and a car with a tow bar. Chain the person’s neck or leg to the tow bar and drive over some rough terrain. If you chain their neck be careful not to break it by accelerating too quickly, if you chain their leg be careful not to make their head smack something and kill them too soon as you drive along.[/spoiler]

This post is probably getting taken down :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, that was during plug.dj, at that time when @theearlywalker was mentioning about the 401 bitches at her workplace.

your brain seem to work like a extern device…you seem to remember everything @samuel_the_leader so my invitation was public? I knew it was too easy…:thinking:
@the_termin8r Nice that you got such a nice men-day with ya Dad, and this torture is ya most. creative :scream: