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And now you will hand over my debut album for a belated national meme day gift.

I’ve got a cracked in half copy you can have

You cracked a Linkin Park cd…the band will hear of this

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When I got my first laptop years ago, I accidentally dropped a speaker on a copy of it I got from my dad (which was super scratched up anyways). I technically have 6 copies of Hybrid Theory now. 2 CDs I bought, 2 handed down, an iTunes copy before I stopped buying digital music, and the vinyl

Just told the band…they are suing. You should be more careful about us, Jordan. I expect my siblings to be mailed to me by next Monday.

I don’t think they have mail services that send to Saturn, we only recently got to Mars

Offtopic, again, but @termin8r, the mall I went to had a Lego store

Yeah they’re cropping up over here too. Idk about over in the US but the ones here don’t have much in them an everything is seriously over priced, but the staff are surprisingly nice.

On another note, I managed to get a gold badge.

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congrats…it was only a question of time :ok_hand:

No. of pills I’ve taken so far, since I bought it a few months ago:

It seems that the site was down before. Probably the transfer.



Gimmie my family!!!

Wow it’s back up :slight_smile:

as I always mention says the mum inside of me…:no_mouth::smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:( I remember , you nearly were driven down by a car that day…)
intheend :joy: bored?

edit: the red line marks my surved threads this moment…sb like to bet?

Earlier today:

This is why i cannot play plug.dj on the Mac:

@the_termin8r have you seen James May’s Toy Story about Lego? He tries to build a house with lego

Yeah I have. James May made awesome shows when he wasn’t doing Top Gear - which was the best show on earth (now he’s moved to The grand tour).

Also, main site login is back.

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The reason the forum was down was most likely connecting it to the main site again. While the main site looks the same, it has been changed over to the new company

Yes, and thus far it’s pure garbage.

puts on smug face

I’ve seen nothing wrong with the changes so far aside from the forum being down for a while