Art work from the underground

I’m not a particularly skilled artist, but I enjoy it and I think it’s quite therapeutic.

Here’s some of my drawings, hope you like them and I would love to see others aswell.

looks talented , but the motive[s] are to be new choosen…:confused:

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I wanted to do a comic book so I started to learn how to draw, it’s really simplistic stuff but it’s all just steps to something better

Trust me, you don’t want to see my drawing. I’d recommend getting a spoon and taking your eyes out with it before you look at my drawings :laughing:

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Maybe photography is your art lol

(ot @the_termin8r1 what are you going to do after the eye is on the spoon? [mb your creative talent is in designing such stuff…].


*glaces awkwardly at the bloody eyeball*

I think of new and creative ways to torture people. Even my friends are creeped out by it :laughing:

So, what is your most special torture you´ve ever done? (if this is your potential, we´ve to look at the “most creative” torture way, you ever done to sbd…@the_termin8r1

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I’m still waiting, what is it?

yes me to @the_termin8r :stuck_out_tongue:

So I guess @the_termin8r can finally see this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but I answered it elsewhere.

So I think you should quote it back here.

I don’t wanna dig through a bunch of posts right now…

goes to dig through posts

EDIT: Wow, I found it really quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

I drew that

NIce idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

He was from November of last year. And he’s still alive.

The tag says December 24th, conspiracy

Shut up D;

Thought it was thanksgiving…looks like it was Christmas Eve