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Yeah we did. Not that they uploaded a bunch of stuff. We either had to study from the books or our notes.
They used the e-class (that’s what it was called) to upload our results until the uni’s management updated our student database (that took a while, about a week or so).

Our lect notes are on there pretty much right after the lecture, or if not a few hours later at the latest. There’s even stuff for reading ahead.

You’re good. Education here sucks, no one really cares tbh. It’s a miracle when the tutors show up for class.


I’m dead serious. It was that bad in my uni. Not every single one is this bad, some are pretty decent but there are problems in general.

It does seem to work now (this is @jFar920 by the way, don’t wanna change my actual account in case it is still buggy). This account had no profile picture before the migration

Aside from that profile picture stuff, picked up these today/yesterday. I had the Limp Bizkit CDs as disc only that I got for free, but they skipped

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Bob Dylan has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

Yes! Pretty insane, isn’t it?

Yes, seems fitting. In the meantime, I also found a funny report. I think we all should do something like this :smiley:

They do things like this in movies. For example in gravity falls (a cartoon) there was a bit where there was an open history book talking about some historical battle and if you read the text it talks about a cyborg coming from the heavens half way through it :stuck_out_tongue:

Me playing Pokémon go with @jFar920


So you fake stuff @intheend?

I came across this live performance just a bit ago, pretty cool


Great audiences make great shows!
I saw this video a couple of years ago and a chill went down my spine when I heard the “Shut Up” part. We want MORE!

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Wait, puddle of mudd?

Isn’t this the Docklands Arena show from 2001? The video rings a bell, I think I have the full show on DVD.

EDIT: Totally random thing I just noticed. They must have merged our profile’s description from the main site with the forums.

No. stop reaching for things to argue over weenie face.

Also our avatars have moved up in their little circles, Chester’s hand is now chopped off at the top in your avatar @evooba