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Oh boy. I’ve been planning to create this for a while now and have been putting it off for too long. But here it finally is.


There are a lot of threads on here showcasing people’s different creative and artistic talents and projects that I find both very interesting and beautiful. So much so that I wanted to join in and post some of my own. However, I can’t write music, poetry, or short stories. I cannot draw or paint. And my musical talents are definitely not worth bragging about. I thought about it for a while and eventually realized that I could create a thread showcasing my architectural projects for school. As an architecture student I am given the opportunity to experiment with many different forms of media to present my ideas. My favorite is definitely creating physical models of the forms and spaces I imagine, however I am experimenting with graphic design and hand drawing as well.

I am currently about to begin my third year of studying architecture, so I’ll post all the projects I have already completed and then post future projects as I complete them. In each post I will do my best to explain the given prompt, show the flow and evolution of my ideas through the project, and include images of the final product. In my first year the prompts were pretty abstract as it wasn’t considered “architecture” yet (it was like a foundation design course to prepare us), but as I get further into my studies the prompts include more architectural and real-world ideas and situations.

Before I start posting projects though I wanted to give a little background information on my “architectural career” (if you can even call it that at this point :joy:). Pretty much for as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to do something along the lines of designing buildings and structures. I was a huge Lego fan and was always building models of bridges and buildings from cardboard and popsicle sticks. But the question was always: architecture or engineering? I had always excelled at math so my parents as well as many of my teachers pushed me toward the engineering path. This debate continued all the way into high school when the time came to start touring colleges and thinking about the future. I toured one that was a dream school but way outta my price and academic range. Another just flat out sucked. But lastly came the college that I had grown up loving (my dad was a huge fan and pretty much forced me to be as well :joy:). Situated up in the mountains, the campus was absolutely breathtaking. In addition, it was actually considered one of the best architecture schools in the nation. I remember all of this dawning on me as I walked through Burchard Hall during the tour. I realized that there was no other school for me and that I was going to become an architect.

Studying architecture in school is pretty different than most other majors because it isn’t in a classroom. We have other supplementary classes that we take traditionally with a teacher and lectures and tests, but architecture itself is a studio class. Each professor instructs in their own way, but they are all trying to get the same ideas across. They provide you with projects but for the most part let you work on your own. There are specific times we are required to be in studio (allowing us to receive individual or group instruction from the professor or give small class presentations of our progress) however most of the work is done outside of studio hours. I probably average around 6-8 hours in studio everyday of the week during the school year (even more when leading up to an important due date). The “pin-ups” or presentations are when we present our projects. Professors enjoy doing these differently, such as everyone presenting one by one to the studio, inviting other professors to critique the work in small groups, or comparing and discussing different people’s projects as a studio. The professors do not grade these pin-ups though. We don’t receive any grades throughout the year until our final grade which is based on our total effort throughout the semester. They don’t base the grade solely on the final product, but include all the work done leading up to it as well.

Pretty quick into my studies I began to develop my own architectural ideas. There are two sides to the architectural theory spectrum: intellectual and practical. Architects can fall anywhere along this spectrum, but I have found that I reside very strongly on the practical side. Intellectual architects like to develop and study ideas and concepts about forms and experiences within spaces. However, these ideas often have little to no real-world application. I am the opposite in that I want to design real buildings that people can physically experience and inhabit. My projects reflect these beliefs of mine. I achieve the goals of the prompt/client while creating experiential forms and spaces rather than using the projects to study ideas.

Thank you if you read all this :grin:. I know it was a bit long but I wanted to get it all out of the way before I started showing anything. Thanks and I hope you enjoy all my projects. :grin:

Table of Contents

First Year

Moped Project
Tower Project
Map Project
Fairy Tale Project
Well Designed Project
Corner Project
Spatial Narrative Project
First Year Competition - To Be Posted
Folley Project - To Be Posted

Second Year

Cliff Project - To Be Posted
Canyon Project - To Be Posted
Slope Porject - To Be Posted
Second Year Competition - To Be Posted
Archive Project - To Be Posted

Third Year


Fourth Year


Fifth Year



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As I read boi in the caption I knew it’s you- and nice you share your stuff with us- looking forward to see them :blush:

[spoiler]somehow I was kinda surprised about this serious side of you- sorry no offense but I thought it would contain some of your best jokes, quotes and some conversations between your several personality parts :joy:[/spoiler]


lol thanks! :grin:

Lol. I intended this to be a lil more serious bec I wanted somewhere where I could document all my projects in one place and here seemed perfect. I’m sure there’ll be some goofy-ness eventually. And @chief will prob make an appearance eventually. :wink: No lie, he was considered a god within my studio last year. We did nothing without consulting chief first. He is the supreme architect :joy:


When will you update the pics? I’m really curious :blush:

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I’ll try to add a few projects tonight. I typed that up during my work lunch break :joy: I think I have like 12 or so projects from my first 2 years to add


Perfect :ok_hand:t2:

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Take your time!
One after another!

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Looking forward to seeing your projects and your development throughout your studies!

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That’s a tad concerning given your field. :joy:


With that being said, so did I. LMAO :rofl:

Bring it on, I’ve been waiting to see other practical projects.


I’d like to say that it’s probably not a bad idea to start some kind of site for your projects at some point. The main reason being that you can put it in your CV and show employers that you’re serious about things. And there’s also a limited amount of space in the OP (32K characters), that you’ll fill up surprisingly quickly if you have a lot of text to go with pics.


Nice building looks professional

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To add to my other post. @jrtrussell, you should probably turn the OP into a wiki so that the edit time doesn’t expire. The only issue is that anyone can edit it, so keep a backup copy of it saved in a word doc.

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lol, all the architectural drawing I do is either technical drawing or my crude sketches in my sketch book of my ideas :joy: a lot of architects are pretty good drawers, so I’m working on the skill, it’ll just take time.

Our school encourages us to have a running portfolio of our work as we progress, so I’ll have that to document all my projects. I like this tho bec it’ll allow me to show more of my ideas behind each project and how I achieved the final product.

I made the OP a wiki, so I could continue editing it, but I was only thinking I would update the table of contents. I would add each project as a new post and provide a link to each post in the table of contents.


lol, the building in my original post is actually Cowgill Hall which is where the architecture program at my school is located :grin:

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Cool thread man! Upon seeing the new thread name, I thought this would be spam at first :joy: Looking forward to seeing your projects


Thanks man! :grin:

Lol I was thinking about what to title this and Cowgill Frat Boi just popped into my head. Cowgill bec that’s the name of the hall where the architecture program is located at my school and frat boi bec I thought it sounded cool together. I thought it was just dumb at first but as I thought about it I realized that I’ve spent so much time and money (not to mention all the friends I’ve made) here that it could be considered a frat so I ran with it. I am not actually in a fraternity and have no interest in greek life, but this is just for fun so why not. :man_shrugging:


Aye, its all love here :grin:

Now to answer your previous question about intellectual architecture and whether it could be against the laws of physics or not. I guess this depends on what you consider against the laws of physics means. Many of these intellectual architecture projects are impossible engineering wise (as in that they would be impossible to construct in real life usually bec of ridiculous cantilevers, spans, or heights). Most of these projects however, could be constructed in real life. However, there is no demand for it (it was just designed to help the architect study and present new ideas). Buildings that are physically impossible definitely is an interesting concept however and I’m sure that there are a few intellectual architects that have explored the idea.

Your comment about intellectual architecture’s link to the visual arts was pretty interesting. There actually is a pretty strong link between architecture in general and the visual arts (that’s why I said that I do a lot of graphic design as well as architecture in the OP). Visual arts and graphic design is a strong selling point for architectural designs. Architects and firms often make very beautiful graphics depicting their designs in the real world inhabited by people and nature to convince clients to approve their designs. For most intellectual architects, these graphic designs and images are final products of their projects, so they can go much more intricate into the piece and truly turn it into a piece of art.

Nice comment and thanks for the question :grin: