Any other bands you guys like?

Green Day,The Killers and Simple Plan… And I listen Dance music a lot now.

30STM, Dead by Sunrise, Fort Minor, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy…do you know Dead by April? They’re quite unknown but I love their music :heart_eyes:

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SOAD, Korn, Muse, Within Temptation, Amaranthe, Lacuna Coil, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Breaking Benjamin…can go on and on

Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, Rise Against, and everything else lol I love rock music in general any KROQ band really. And rap wise I love Eminem.

Guns & Roses
Fort Minor
and many more :stuck_out_tongue:

I can not quote a tenth of what I like.
System of a Down
Black Sabbath
Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot
Beastie Boys
And many others that you mentioned in the comments. And many bands of my country.
PS: Of course I like FM and DBS, but everyone here like. So do not put.
PSII: I prefer Fort Minor.

Breaking Benjamin ,
Three days grace,
Imagine dragons,
Ashes remain

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And i forgot fall out boy and Thirty seconds to mars

Bon Jovi, Black Veil Brides, Simple Plan, Green Day, AC/DC, Skillet, Hurts, Guns and Roses, Scorpions, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, 30STM, Nickelback, Dead By april, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Ashes Remain… I love a lot of them <3

Phedora, Acres, Gojira, Trivium, Decapitated, Stone Temple Pilots, The Sixpounder, Climates, White Walls, Perspectives, Casey, Hotel Books, Deadpoets, Landscapes, Pianos Become The Teeth and some solo artists/rappers: Dawid Podsiało, Kartky, TrooM

Lol I know almost everything on ur list XD I’ve been to nickelback once and saw skillet there in pre-program

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All good hard rock and metal bands. lol

To add to that list:
-Papa Roach
-God is an astronaut
-Black light burns
-Dead by sunrise
-P.O.S (It’s not a P.O.D typo, P.O.S is an underground rapper)
-American Head Charge

OT: I edited the title a bit. Before it said ‘guy’ I just added the ‘s’

Muse and Coldplay. Muse is my most favourite, Coldplay second, and Linkin Park third.


Depeche Mode, All my Faith Lost, Draconian, Plasticzooms, Rammstein…

Fort Minor (obviously), letlive., Rage Against the Machine, Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels, Wolf Alice, Chvrches, Grimes, Nirvana, Issues, Aesop Rock, FKA Twigs, The Doors, and a lot more. I could go on forever, but those are probably my favorites.

The Black Keys,Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Good Charlotte, Disturbed,Muse…

The Gaslight Anthem
Brian Fallon (w/ all his side projects)
The Killers
Social Distortion
Papa Roach
Bruce Springsteen

The Scandals (Jared Hart), Green Day, 30STM, MCR, Rancid, Rise Against