7th studio album announced

Tomorrow < jiggaa JigGa whOott WHooT!! ·:*:·£øVê>

Not sure, with their history, it can be a month, or 3 or 4.

Thoughts on the sound? I like the vide… https://www.instagram.com/p/BEco87WiO4Z/

Btw, for me, it is too early to get excited over a 10sec sneak peek of a demo that will probably change a lot during the process but I do like the sound.

Sounds interesting. I’d have to hear more

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Check your emails guys, we have an update.

Ok, interesting update. Final vocals already? Picking favorites? Wow… I can’t wait till they start on the sound, this definitely made me excited!

EDIT: (Wanted to say this ages ago but always forgot) Has anyone noticed that this album around they blur EVERYTHING? The board, their notepads? Sneaky bastards! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t receive it yet, the latest email from them is still

Exclusive Video + Track: HURRY (1999 DEMO)

That’s an LPU email. Studio updates and everything non-LPU related is sent out from LP’s general account.
Are you sure you’re subscribed to both?

Never mind, just received this like right now:

Studio Update From Mike Shinoda


I always love their albums but I really hope there isn’t too much EDM in it…


Agreed. (now I need ten characters to post)

Let us hope that there will be lots of diverse sounds on it. Like…

This sound:

They said recently that there focusing really alot more on their lyrics for the new album…they said they want it to be more personal than any other album so far…Im really looking forward to it…cant wait!

A new Linkin Log would be nice.

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It’s been years since a decent linkin log indeed

500th post!!!

Perfect way to mark the one year anniversary of our topic here!!!

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