7th studio album announced

OMG has it been a year? Time farted by so fast.

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Yeah, time certainly flew

I’m afraid it will take another year for the album to finish though :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, definitely coming out by November.

Two weeks later. We haven’t had a Linkin Log in months. Some type of video update would be nice.

[ edit: special translation walkers english to the worlds english: EVERYTHINGS FINE AND WE GET MORE AND MORE EXITED:]

after watching fb my opinion due to the stadium they are in with the new baby [album] changes a bit: ok, seems the drums are not fitting yet for real Rob is a bit off shape…[ seems he has sm other things in head? lol ] But ]keep calm, brown, all signs showing the band relaxed on all social media, so two explanations:

  1. they just do the drums and sm fine tuning

  2. nothing

I think, the special GRINNING by @mike shows EVERYTHING TO us CORE SOLDIERS :triumph:

all in all: the update make me happy after waking up today, wish the LP Spirit would always be feelable like it does right now

rem?! it is all ab reality and making sm noise…:relaxed:

Gotta work on the translator man.

yes yes…:sunglasses:

Todays studio update is a video :heart_eyes: I hope we will get more of this stuff

Agreed, I like this update. Thanks for hearing me whine, LP!

Yeah sounding like the guys are really taking the new album very seriously and are having lots and lots of ideas to choose from…cant wait to hear some new material soon

I listened to DTB and I guess, coming from someone who isn’t an EDM fan, it was alright. On ATS, I was into the electronic songs/vibe. On LT, I thought that the balance between electronic and rock was perfect. On THP, there wasn’t really any EDM in it but, in my opinion, I felt it was a little on the heavy side which isn’t ideal for playing live. Now maybe songs like Guilty All The Same, UIG, Wastelands, and Final Masquerade are catchy enough for live play. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a good heavy LP song but I really do enjoy their talent when it comes to melody. As much as I love listening to the talent of Mr. Hahn, I don’t want that to be all LP7 has to offer. Also, since I’ve been on an LP marathon the last 2-3 days, I’ve noticed (most of the time) I favor Meteora, HT etc. over THP and LT (I still love those albums alot) for the sole fact that I feel like Mike hasn’t done much rapping in the last two albums. (except for Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me and others) More songs like A Place For My Head, Hit The Floor, and Nobody’s Listening would be sick. I would like more songs like Blackout which has some sort of vibe that is upbeat still rockish, a little EDM remix and has a good scream/singing balance.

But despite all that I just said; I am very confident in the fact that no matter what LP release next, it will be amazing.

Linkin Park Forever <3


If you guys haven’t noticed by now, we have moved the discussion to a new Wiki thread everyone can contrubute to (thanks to Jordan, it’s less messy and much more organized this way):

Trolling as usual… https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/753753629949964288 :expressionless:
At least I hope he is just trolling. :smirk:

Hopefully we get a single before October.

A new email is out.

Here’s hoping for some new music before Christmas or even as a Christmas present! :slight_smile:

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Early Walker, where’s your post?

would become interessting, but, will we really have two current/ competing threads?
C´mon community vote on:


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in case of “no” go on Soldier:

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