Would you rather...?

Punched by a tenis player.

I’m listening to the interview with Mike & Dave where they are asked: WYR fight a duck size horse or a dozen of horse size ducks?

Good question to be answered I guess.

You may have written this backwards. :joy: A duck sized horse would be much easier to fight than a dozen horse sized ducks. :joy:

WYR fight a dozen duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?

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I was thinking the same. What idiot would fight the ducks? :joy:

Horses, they’re easier to eat and store once I dispatch them all.

WYR spend a day as Squidward or fly on a supersonic plane built by hand by a redneck?

Say what you will, but Squidward has every right to be annoyed, look at his life amd you’ll see what i mean. So I choose him.

Wyr have your tongue cut out, chopped up in a blender, and have your best friend drink it or be locked in a straight jacket surrounded by a ring of fire with only 10 minutes to escape?

Exactly, both are terrible options. Either risk your life in a janky aeroplane or beg to be killed, because you spend your days around Spongebob and Patrick. LOL


That’s what I meant. Seems I made it more nonsense that I intended to. No more tricky games at my bed time. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Risk my life

Get lost in a jungle or stranded on a island :joy:

Stranded on an island :joy:

WYR be in school forever or never go to school?

Off course, in school forever

WYR live next door with your boss or your ex?


WYR be eaten by hyenas or let a llama licks your face for the rest of your life?

Someone answer? :joy: They are both unique and… Beautiful

why won’t you ?:yum:

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Alright I guess I have to do this… An ilama licking my face forever? :face_vomiting:

My turn :smiling_imp:

WYR put a dead rat in the mouth or swallow a beatle alive?

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Enjoy the silence :slight_smile:

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Dead rat in the mouth
Atleast its dead

Wyr go deep ocean diving or sky diving

Sky diviing

WYR tread on a stonefish or landmine?


Hard to choose… :thinking:

WYR be lost on the Earth,deserted or lost in space

Des(s)erted in space

WYR sing or dance in public?