Would you rather...?

Boredom strikes again.

I’ve seen this game being played in other forums as well and some of you probably know it too, but for those that don’t here are the rules:

-A person has to post 2 not entirely pleasant scenarios.
-Whoever is replying has to pick which they would rather happen to them.
-They must then give two more scenarios for the next person.

This is similar to the this or that thread but should have funnier and/or more challenging options

I’ll start:

Would you rather… jump off a 300m skyscraper to your death
have an anvil that weighs exactly as much as you do dropped on you from the same height (300m) whilst you are chained to the ground below?

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Jump off… Bit of adrenaline before I go lol

Would you rather

Die a slow painful death with your family by your side or…
Die pain free but in a place you’ll never be found and have your family think you have runaway?

The second one.

Get punched in the face by a professional tennis player or kicked in the shin (without pads) by a professional footballer?


Everything tastes like ash or…
Have to drink your food through a straw

If the food is liquid then the second one, if not then the first

Kill your friend or be killed by them?

Be killed… Depends who

Have the hottest transvestie as your partner or the ugliest person as your partner?
Both forever and only them

I wouldn’t mind either since looks don’t matter to me.

If you were forced to eat something extreme, would you rather it be scorpions or grasshoppers?

Hmmm, I’d eat both for fun lol. As long as the scorpion has been drained of it’s venom. Or actually I’d eat a large scorpion (the bigger the scorpion the less venomous) with the venom for the added spice :yum:

Have your entire internet search history revealed or pole dance in front of all your friends and relatives in full nude for an hour :laughing:

Search history, anything that I think might be questionable to look at at all is opened in Incognito :yum:

You have an unknown disease in your legs: Do you remove them and have a 100% chance of living, or risk an estimated 75% chance of survival

Risk it

Would you rather spend the night in a closed room filled with deadly spiders and snakes or in one with crocodiles and bats?

Cut my legs off. 25% is still too large when it comes to never seeing my kid again.

*Derp I type slow, to answer EvoOba

Spiders and snakes.

Lose all your senses except touch (sound, sight, smell, and taste). You can still move and feel things.

Paralyzed from neck down. Sense of touch gone.

omg what descisions, l
mhh think I descide for loosing the senses

Imagine, at night, maybe after a LP concert, you´ve to find your way home in a foreign city, there are appearing some guys not looking very friendly, they ran after your friend and you, and they get your friend, you got a weapon by yourself,
Would you rather kill somebody to help your friend or do you prefer to run away [honesty] if it get´s serious (even to call help) but mb too late?

Kill, never! Injure yes…

Let’s move on to something pleasant: Would you rather bathe in chocolate filled with all types of candy or in milk filled with cereal?

Yeah, that´s really better :sunglasses:
chocolate of course for sure…:yum:
Would you rather descide for a caramel-nougat combinated praline with dark chocolate sourrounding or a white sourrounding with almond paste and a nut( hazelnut) inside? :flushed:

I should have been more specific. Even your deleted history and incognito history. As we all know, nothing is truly gone on the internet. Oh, well

75% is a really big chance, risk it is

The first one. I’m terrified of crocodiles (mainly the big ones like saltwater crocodiles and Nile crocodiles).

The first

Lets get this back on track…
Treading on a stone fish bare foot or on a land mine that blows you to kingdom come but doesn’t kill you?

too much for me I´m out…

That’s the point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Both seem horridly painful. But I think I’d go for the stone fish, since there’s a chance I could survive it when treated properly and without the risk of loosing my limbs.

So… Would you rather…;

Spend Christmas with the best food ever, in Disneyland and receive the gift you always wanted while being surrouinded by all your annoying relatives.


Spend Christmas watching the online live streaming of a Linkin Park concert, all by yourself in a smelly room with no food available

Disney Land… the other thing then after midnight, when I´m off, then I wouldn´t smell no more

So would you rather:
tell everybody on christmas evening the truth, that you forgot the present for granny or would you lie a hardcore story to explain/excuse your missing attention (to buy one?)?

I don’t do gifts so I wouldn’t care less.

Would you rather do what you love with a minimum salary or do something others want you to and be rich and have lots of money?