Which other bands do you like?

Let’s see… other than LP, some other artists I really get into are:

Nine Inch Nails
God Lives Underwater
Stabbing Westward
Gravity Kills
The Birthday Massacre
Public Enemy
Juno Reactor
Static X
Powerman 5000
Marilyn Manson
Blood Stain Child

There’s a smattering of my tastes. To summarize: I mostly listen to late 90s industrial rock/metal but also have an appreciation for music from any time that mixes it up with electronic or generally experimental elements. Also I have some “roots” in traditional 80s-style metal like Helloween and Angel Witch, plus heavier stuff like Meshuggah… and uh… generally all my favorite things sound pretty dark; not much stuff in major keys.

Forgot about this thread.

Further adding to my list:

-Lo Pro
-Mad at gravity
-Dry Cell
-Burn Season
-Twin Method
-Fight or Flight
-Die Antwoord

Five Finger Death Punch
Three Days Grace
Fort Minor
Avenged Sevenfold
System Of A Down
King And The Clown
Drowning Pool
Psycho Choke
Tribal Ink

I listen to Linkin Park just about all day too. They keep me balanced.

I have a very wide range of music I listen to, so I’ll just list my top 5.
Linkin Park
Three Days Grace
Alice in Chains
Type O Negative

The band P is for Peanut is good.

Is that something you made up @intheend ?

Noooooooooooooo :3

My #1 favorite band will always be Linkin Park, but a close second and third would be Imagine Dragons and Panic! At the Disco. I also like Coldplay, Lindsey Stirling, Three Days Grace, Sia, Evanescence, Seether, and Foo Fighters.

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Linkin Park and Epica are my best favourite bands

Muse and Coldplay. I like Muse far before I like Linkin Park, since 2011, and I’m a new fan of Coldplay.

First time making a thread.
Wanted to ask are there any other bands/artist you like and/or would like to discuss?
Lately I got to watch “suicide squad” and found out about “twenty one pilots”,kinda like it,so that’s new for me.

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My favorite band aside from LP would be Hollywood Undead. In a way they’re similar to Linkin Park, as they’re a very diverse, multi-genre band who make all types of music: rock, metal, nu-metal, hip hop, pop, you name it. But they’re definitely a lot heavier and have a more underground sound with very vulgar and explicit lyrics. Nevertheless, they’re extremely talented and I would definitely recommend taking a listen to them. They also got a new album releasing soon this year which I’m hyped about.

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I love them too!

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Yeah I feel you,been listening to them for quite a long time.
Did not know they have a new album coming though.

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Nice man, what’s your favorite record? Mine’s American tragedy

And yeah they’ve been very secretive with it, from what I know they’re almost finished recording.

Most probably my favorite would be “I don’t wanna die”
Wait you asked about an album well that would be hollywood undead then.

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Unfortunately, we have a bunch of threads in this topic already

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I’ve merged a couple threads of the same likeness here.

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…Soundgarden, 21 Pilots, 30 Seconds To Mars, DBS, sometimes…
many Years ago…LP, & sometimes nirvana,
few songs from bryan adams, the police:blush: , & many others…
much more ago…böhse onkelz (german band)