Hey guys! Any new great bands you discovered in these last months? LET US KNOW! :)

Besides Linkin Park,do you have a favourite bands? And what are the NEW and YOUNG band you really love?? :slight_smile:

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I’m not really into current music, unfortunately… But, let me think of something… Hmm… Maybe Paramore?! Ha, not too new but they’re kinda new to me :wink:

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If you want to find cool bands then check out the ‘what are you listening to’ thread. I usually post small bands there and others obviously post too. You can also try to dig up the old ‘album recommendations thread’ thread.


Nice music they’re playing :grinning:

Where are they from?

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That’s great!! Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Yeah!! :slight_smile: From Italy

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I’m into this new amazing band: Everlasting Blaze

Waterparks is a band I discovered recently, as well as Edguy

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I think Dream Drop is great new and small band. check out their single : Dream Drop - A Letter to My Friends (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Well, you guys need to check out Dangerkids if you want! They biggest influence is LP (even say it in one of their songs) they are young and their second album is dropping soon. Also, Starset is great and their second album came out today! they are also new, different, and young!

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My friend introduced me into future islands and they are not half bad!

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You should check out the band Red Sun Rising. They where the live support for Skillet at their tour in Europe. I didn’t know them before and now I just love their music.

I wonder, read it and didn t understood @jfar920, maybe a freshman does by mistake?

and btw, what reason it is flagged for? @Derek @anvanoppens ? Ann? belated thanks :hugging: closing the politics thread, lookin forward to meet ya @ NovaRock… calling Lorenzo for EE :joy:

I like Kavinski. Electronic 80’s style. Nice for a the trip.

Postmodern Jukebox - nice covers. Good for some vogue champaigne parties

You should check out Walking Rumor!
Specially if you love Linkin Park. :grinning:

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That’s kind of weird,I can’t figure the reason,thanks for letting me know about this! :wink:

This is not a new band, but probably unknown to you. Actually, they have been playing since 1998 and are from the Czech Republic. I highly recommend. :wink:


Papa Roach, Rise Against

I re-discovered the Kooks now.