When and where?

This week is very hot here. Temp. isn’t going below 31C :disappointed:

Yesterday got to about 28 in my room and it was honestly more unpleasant than a sweaty moshpit.

Fortunately the clouds are shielding the Earth from the sun:

Earlier today

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Damn the clouds closed so fast, but if I was faster, you would have seen something like this on the right:

(Obviously I’m very bad at drawing, and the gaps would be much much smaller in actuality :blush:)

It’s been a while since I posted some sky pics.

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They are pretty!

Have to help fix my aunt’s shower:


Earlier today:


Yesterday 8am


It’s winter here :smiley:

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You confuse me everytime.


If that is winter, then this is autumn:

Monsoon here :blush:

Earlier, someone had this kind of wifi SSID: