When and where?

Here are my pics from yesterday:

11:30 was too early a time:

The sweat and other moisture in the air was condensing on my watch :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t your country people been doing that since like May?

Anyway, apparently it’ll rain later here:

Yep it is. Great geography. It has everything…forest…cold dessert …hot dessert…mangroves. :relaxed:
@the_termin8r great pics!

I just got here in Brixton

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You’ve got less of a wait today. Seems like you’ll still get a decent place.

another concert?
@the_termin8r are you also there?

No, I’m not crazy to wait that long again. Also my parents probably wouldn’t let me get tickets to 2 shows in a row.

The problem with today is that there is a prioritythingie happening for those that have O2 as a carrier for their cells. So we’ll see how it goes.

I met some people from yesterday but unfortunately they’re way up front and have priority so I’m on my own for now.

I can understand. 8hrs waiting is not easy.

If it was me. They just wouldn’t have let me go to single concert :confused:

Still remember the time many many years ago, when there was a severe heatwave such that the nights were still unbearably hot, I wanted to start swimming at like 10:30pm, but they wouldn’t allow.

Not this close tonight, probably row 5-6…

That looks quite a bit further back than 6. I got barged back about 6 people yesterday, but then again, we were really crushed together at the front.

They got us inside late -.- They had 2 queues and whoever had o2 as their network got in first. Kind of sucked, if I knew I wouldn’t have waited.

Why, are you on o2?

No, I’m not. But I’d be nice to know before hand. You can bring 3 friends and if we knew from the beginning I would have gotten in with everyone else at the front, cause the girl we met yesterday was there and some other people I know were as well.

Damn, I could’ve freeloaded on your ticket :joy:

Went to the pool today

That is my shoulder…just a bit red…

@intheend you can have this:

Whats that? :confused:

It’s a phone company like Vodafone or EE and all the others. But when we say ‘the o2’ we mean the millennium dome which is basically a massive permanent tent used for exhibitions and shows in East London.