When and where?

This idiot has clearly seen too many Russian driving fail videos. I was nearly in tears with laughter on the road :joy: They went through a lamp, a sign post and hit a tree :joy:

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at least his car won’t get wet if it starts to rain

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A few nights ago:

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I think that you’ve posted this in the wrong thread :slight_smile:

No, we still haven’t guessed @jFar920’s one

Looks great but it’s freezing cold.


Yes, there is condensation:

Earlier today in Camden


On my way to school today

hey @NickGr when did school starts?

8/30 local time.

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have a nice day :slight_smile:

and to U2 @yolo5494


thanks a lot u too

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got ya like already :wink:

@theearlywalker showertime?

yes, right now :grinning: I :heart: the LPU :hugging: @yolo5494

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Wonderful weather!