The MICRO - MACRO game

Hey guys,
me I got too much time…so I guessed a new idea for a game mb good positioned here:

  1. You have to take a pic of sth big really small [micro] or sth small very big [macro]…:relaxed:
  2. take another pic in "real size’
  3. post up your first pic
  4. the other soldiers can guess about, what it is
  5. clues&hints are allowed
  6. for not running out of time you give the solutrion [the real size pic] after the 10th sugg and the post it
  7. winner is, who guessed it right before or with the 10th post…

…if nobody guesses the right solution, the one who posted the pic can tag another soldier for setting a new micro- macro-pic…so I go ahead… setting the first one [for example]
mb cost a ll time, cause i have to do my pics on mobile,
wish a&think it will be fun…

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uploading is awfull…so it will be in a while…

Interesting, but why not just take a normal picture and crop a segment out to show the everyone?

great idea…if you are able, then help me out, post one lpu-Rob…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I can’t think of anything atm. I still have to get something for the odd one out thread.

oh you are busy? May you explain how it works, if it is to explain in short words, I´m still searching a copy/paste that fits…uploading is a vision today I guess :yum:

Take your picture, then paste it in microsoft word or another such program, then cut out the bits you don’t want then just copy and paste the new pic here.


Go to ‘crop’

crop your pic

Copy and paste the new one:

here it goes guys, can´t do it bigger…
and here´s a link with AWESOME pics I found on the way…
worth to look at

and thanx @the_termin8r :relaxed:

That’s tiny, I can’t even make it out.

need glasses? :joy: how old have you been, ok I do it again, BIGGER:::: just another hour to wait :persevere:

Get a print screen and it will be faster.

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on the seventh day, he paused…

Hey, @The_early_walker, you could have also suggested a “guess the song by the picture” game :wink:.

I can’t recognize, what this is, though I tried looking at it from different angles for about 5 minutes.

Is it some kind of sculpture, maybe something your daughter could have made for art in school?

so I learned from you guys not to setan easy one…lol and hi @Jabin_Quaken…how are you two??? Your new profil pic is awesome…:ok_hand:

nope [lol how happy me writing this NOPE!]:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m annoyed ATM. The sun is in my eyes and if I pull the curtain I cut off the air coming in from my window which means I get hot :confused:

Is it hospital food?

We’re well and good. Thanks! (And for the profile pic, too) How are you?

ot quite well so far, but I am on getting hospitalism…ill people ain´t fun…but so far I hope I can spend the weekend from Sat-Mon at home, pray for me that my doctress tomorrow will give her ok on this plan…:pray:

@the_termin8r1 <= and I wondered why it doesn´t tagged ya, @the_termin8r join over here, the mountains I posted a fewdays ago are irrigated by new snow last night :confounded:
NOPE [it looks a bit like but it is no hospital food] guess 5 on and I give the [honestly] mean meaning lol [the association with my daughter wasn´t bad…but not as you guessed…]

Is it somthing sweet? Looks a bit like peach baked in beaten egg white :confused:

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