The MICRO - MACRO game

It looks like a cracked egg… if it is, something is wrong with it. It doesn’t look very… real.

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Is it a plaster cast over a sponge?

Maybe, it’s some cracked oil-paint on the painting (or palette).

so I think it´s time for solution :grinning:

it was a plastic dinosour egg, kinda you´ve to put in water sm days to make the dinosaur “ALIVE”

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I never would have guessed, that reflection looked like part of it. All this time I was think of saying a crusty fried egg as well.

Is this part of a plate?


Also I’ve scaled up the pic a bit so it’s about hlaf the size IRL

Some lemon?

a mineral, but I don´t know how it is called…it is cut in two and this is the inner surface above…


Yeah, it was one of those decorative rock things that are sliced in half

Ok as soon as poss I post sth Lol :joy::star2::blush:

This again?

Is it a candle holder or something?

something yes…but no candle holder…:grinning:

The photo is too small to tell what it might be.

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so I try to make it bigger [umpf :confused:I am soooo bad in these things…can cost a while ]

Make it bigger just by changing the width and the height:

Although it becomes blurry though…

wow thank you…you really can be nice @samuel_the_leader :confused::upside_down::joy::joy::sunglasses:

Is that sarcasm? :persevere: :triumph:

no, really, but my reaction is like : umpf, can´t get it, it changes so fast…can´t believe is the emotion inside the sentence :blush::relaxed:

I’m still thinking what is it? I think I’ve seen that pinkness before, I think it’s your iPhone with the cover, so that thing sticking out is some sort of antenna :blush: