What was the first female filmmaker?

I know the answer, I handled to distribute her films. I wanted to see how many in Women’s Studies really know the topic. hire someone to write your paper 10 points to the FIRST person whoever answers it correctly. I’ll give you a tip, she speaks French, Spanish and English.

I’m really not sure what to make of this post. Part of it sounds like an advert, part sounds like an actual question and the other sounds like you’ve ended up on the wrong forum.

Sorry, but nobody who wants to get anywhere in life will actually take a subject like that. Correction, I didn’t even know there was such a subject.

In case this is actually a serious question and you’re not actually a bot, the question could have gone into the smart questions thread.

But to answer your question, it’s Alice Guy-Blaché, I got that off of Google, because that’s what it’s for. Retaining info like this is useless when you can look something up in seconds. Not to mention you asked this question online, there’s no way to check who didn’t look it up and who knew.


Alice gut Blanche maybe?