The smart questions thread

Well, me and @rickvanmeijel came up with this idea after a long talk. Since there is a “stupid question” thread, might as well have its “duality” so to speak, it will be simple question, which will lead to more and more, and probably deeper ones. So question after question and see if you can answer, with smarts or heart. So here’s my first question:

Who (or what!) created words?


That’s a matter of definition. Words are just sounds, from a certain perspective they can even be viewed as a concept. A convention for the sake of convenience, much like time. A one word answer? Humans

How many faces does a sphere have? Infinity, 1, none?


The words where created for the need to survive. In the past the sound was articulated to become in words the people could understand. With the time, each tribe started to create their own words for the things they didn’t know.

As I see: none.

If you are the kind of person who thinks that a face is what you have in from of you, then you’re going to say the answer is Infiny.

In the same case, but without spin the sphere, you might say 2: the part that you can see and the one you can’t.

To me, it doesn’t have any because there is not a “hint” or something you can start to “count the sides.”


That is true, we give these sounds meaning in the end, and hence how we are taught from word that said sounds is the definition to said thing. As for your question, I think none?

Thanks for your answer @the_termin8r !


Kind of like the mirror, you look at yourself and you see the reverse image of what others see, you never “truly” get to see your “self” unless you plant a crapload of mirrors xD. The only people that can see what you truly look like are others. Jeeze I’m confusing myself xD.

But if it doesn’t have any faces what does it have? This is a question that really bugs me, as you’d guess infinity makes sense too. Because you can start with a cube and keep adding faces with an increasing number of sides, eventually you use up the constant surface area and have infinity faces of zero area, which doesn’t make sense. At that stage it becomes a paradox, because how can you have infinity faces with zero area each and yet still have the constant area you began with? If it has zero area then it’s not a face and if it has no face then surely there is no shape? It’s a vicious cycle. :joy:

I once tried to look it up and inevitably ended up on the maths stack exchange where all the geniuses hang out and it just made the problem worse for me. LOL

Looking into a mirror is essentially looking at your front through your back if that makes sense. Like drawing a self portrait on some tracing paper and then looking at it through the other side.

I wonder how many people will descend on this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll ask my friend today later, he’s a Math teacher,so maybe he can tell me what the sphere has.

I’m curious too.

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The truth is the rational only makes sense if you also factor in the irrational. Hence why it has a face, but at the same time it does not. Everything has a sort of “ying/yang” interaction with other definitions we human beings have given, such as hot/cold, good/evil, etc. There is always an in between within them. Sort of a lesson so to speak, but they exist within nature, but nature does not have consciousness as evolved as ours to give said definitions. They are one practically, but people see them as not having a relation, "n"one.

For example, a lion feeds on other animals in order to thrive and survive. We can say that that “hunting” is evil, because we give it said definition, but in reality, the Lion does not know any better and is just going by its nature for survival.


Now now, we don’t ant people going insane now, do we? xD


It actually depends on your definition of a face. The assumption I’m thinking under is that a face is a flat area with two distinct dimensions (length and width).

This is legit one of my main arguments against vegetarians. Why should we feel bad for eating animals when a tiger doesn’t feel bad when eating a human? Granted, motives are sometimes different, but the point stands.

I can only see a few of us who would like doing mental gymnastics regularly for some answers, but I’m really enjoying this thread already.


This. I have the same definition in my mind, but I feel I’m forgetting something important in this :thinking:

Next question:
As humans we have an identity, right? I was wondering myself 2 years ago with the next question:

Is identify really who I am or just a list of things the people see on me?

I mean: Am I really as sad as I say am or is just what the others see on me? Because at the end, there will be someone who tell you that are other thing, but no what you think.


Another one that is a matter or definition. For me an identity is something objective, like a passport. I.e. It has your name, DOB, maybe some basic physical attributes (height, eye colour, ethnicity, etc…). An identity to me is something used for keeping a record or a sense or order when dealing with information. Anything past that isn’t identity to me.

Not a great answer on this one from me on account of it being a subjective one.

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Identity are just the memes you have come to acknowledge as being the “individual” you believe you are. That energy is reflected onto others so in a way they can also “see” what you see, but at the same time they “see” what you don’t see in yourself. This is where the mind plays tricks on people, and has them assume they are “other” things. Like bouts of insecurity for example.

They are and they are not you, you are ONE connected with the source that is the everlasting infinity of all this.

Basically you get all these memes from construct definitions of culture.

A person has 3 faces according to the Japanese:

1- The one you show the world
2- The one you show friends/family
3- The one only you know

You are sad, but why are you sad? Petty things of this world don’t really matter in the long run, I mean, there are infinite amount of universes coexisting with ours, we are less than a grain of sand in the spec of everything.


Then identity is what you and everyone see on you, a list of aspects you want to show others. Nice reply btw.

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This makes me think: why do I have to show different sides of me according to who I’m facing and be the “real” me only with some friends or family or with myself alone?

You’re the one who chooses to show different sides of yourself to people. It comes from a fear of rejection as far as I can tell.



Because you have to respect others too. You can’t say “you d*mn son of…” in from of you parents (or at least, you shouldn’t) you can’t be as vulgar as you want in a public place (Respect and ideology matters), etc.

That’s why you show different faces.


It depends on who you ask

Indenty is what makes you and people will see you definitely then others because your human but you are the one that is in control of you but you can’t control how they will see you

I don’t know if I am doing this thread right though

Because you choose to. I know I have for many years also done this. A bit about myself, I have been insecure about myself almost all of my life, my mind tells me “I’m not worthy” and other random things, but in the end, once you finally quiet the bugger, you realize you are not.

Now I freely speak to my friends and family on topics such as these and they get most of it. It takes time and patience to develop this discipline in oneself. In Buddhism an empty mind is “enlightenment”. In Christianity it is “Being like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven”, just to list a few examples.

Once you realize your potentials, you can exert your will and become the best version of yourself. Kind of like the memes I was talking about, I acquired the musical/rapper memes over time because I experimented with them and started pouring soul and pain towards them. The pain “wakes you up”.


Correct, even if a person is vile and such to me, I tell them to have a blessed day. We should care for each other, no matter what our differences are. We have the potential to change the world, all it takes is action and inspiration to power this will.

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