LP Inspired videos

just press play y’all!
if you are to take ONE race in your life, this is the one!


Just crazy sife​:grin::grin::grin::grin:

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even worse it is… :stuck_out_tongue:
i think i’m proudly the craziest :slight_smile:
take my hand :slight_smile:

This one is a little dark because the theme was
i don’t choose when to make a video
situations do. and… dreams…

So i promise to everyone who is not afraid to loose a tear to the voice of our brother Chester
and these beautiful lyrics, that by the end of the video, it will have turned into a diamond which is theirs and they can keep! :slight_smile:

thank you for your time!
If anything in here touched you all i’d like is that you share to touch more!
and i trust the LP Soldiers well on this!

LP soldiers fight the dark together!

This race has an interesting LPcational intro…
then more LP at the very end to conclude

See, life was going one way and then … the other!
be water!

Lyrics video of New Divide
Live concert Athens/2009
Let’s do this!
1080p available ofc!

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you will have to be a little patient to listen to LP on this one.
But patience being a virtue, it should be shared among LPU members…

have you noticed the storm ahead?
you 'fraid of it?

sounds to me you need more LP than you thought you did…
let’s see who’s of the patient type!


though this should begin the other way round…

let me drop this here…
what if i promised that in two hours time, i can fix some LP Lyrics in you that you had a bit of a rough time connecting?

it starts with a 7m video and then a documentary that follows, at the end of which, we will test me on my promises.

If i were to speak about it it just wouldn’t make sense…
so i had to improvise …
this is what started the show above!
you need to know… but first you must choose!

(if annotations at the end are not working, click on link to take you to the playlist and proceed there)

This is the 2016 playlist and the 2018 is mostly shared above.

<3 stay strong LP Soldiers!
noone’s alone!

Thank you very much,just reach at my home now i take time :metal::fist::facepunch:

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I’m the one in gratitude for anyone who spends a minute of their time!
<3 @ivanar5845 and all who will!
because they were made for exactly those and not the others!
:bowing_man: (this is supposed to be a bowing man) :rofl:

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Okay,my life are heavy you dont want take time for,seriosly

i didn’t understand my dear @ivanar5845

no rush for the videos
watch when you can!

their job is to try to help.

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I am treasil your time, at the moment I try to free air



not LP inspired but i don’t know why this one is missing from around here…

my life is LP inspired so i guess, the result of it also belongs here

and if that looked weird, wait to check this one out!

i could go on forever but i somehow trust that those who care for more of those know where to go
and i won’t have to bug people with things they can’t ignore and walk away if they don’t understand.
There’s a sequence of things and it starts in playlist 2016.
it’s like an attic can only be appreciated from those who’d take the steps to it.
this post includes the first vids of 2018 but we’ve been having one (occasionally two) per month since then.

and oh… revival alert :slight_smile:

funny that… and speaking of…
2019 is about just that…

May had a light start

and a heavy end (final version finally up)
Fear not… Mike’s always there when u need him!

(update) (New link : “Remustard”)

for what it’s worth,

errors pushed for a fixed version though so …
i hope it’s the thought that counts :smile:
(Nah, it’s the result!)


To lift the three posts limitation barrier :wave:

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Thank you fellow soldier!

but hopefully, there’ll be no reason to return to this thread for at least a month!
i can now rest :sleeping:

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