What are you listening to this minute? Just curious

Wow, thank you @achilleas7, I really like this one! :heart: it’s so beautiful

First feeling




Thx @achilleas7. Seems you untied my toungue (or fingers to type).
At first, I thought you were teasing me with this song (cause once I’ve admitted it’s not my favorite. Just not my vibes).
But I really appreciate your dedication, the remix by the Polish DJ and the Catalyst quotes.

Maybe the old Robot girl should oil her hinges…


Rammstein - Bückstabü

Thank you love that song it’s so inspiring love it Thanks for the dedication hugs to you


Oh, i’m the one in gratitude to you two @anomalia & @annejprado and the rest i shared this with.

i did not appreciate the whole a thousand suns album before the realization of “concordia
and at the same exact time as i needed their lyrics to get back up from that blow.
All because a bucket of material did not stay away from meeting the catalyst. (a pair of eyes)
The best stories only go with the best soundtracks!
So did mine and so does yours!

it’s a breathing thing… keeping others safe is what keeps me alive.
(i AM trying to stop!) :neutral_face:
maybe not everything is a decision that deserves credit!
Some things are … instinctive urges… and those under their spell are not for crediting nor blaming!

Yes… i have been trying to ring-a-bell about that.
we got a little rusty, and i was first! :confused:
but it’s ok because we now got the oil even if some are trying to hide it!

I’d share a song here but it’s completely banned online! :frowning:
for mere copyright ownership, mind you!

It goes, “rust in the mountains, rust in the brain…”
Radiohead - Trickster
My version of it in part M seems to have gone by unnoticed :shushing_face:
but who ever makes it to M? :stuck_out_tongue:

but hey!
OT :


@achilleas7 it’s great to know which LP songs give people strength and hear how it makes a difference to their everyday. I had asked this very question in a thread!

This song gives me hope every single time I listen to it. It is serene, in both Chester’s vocals and the beat throughout, even the sound of running at the end. It sounds like you’re breaking free… If I’m troubled, I will listen to this. It gives me clarity in mind and spirit.


About to listen to the new Issues single.


I don’t think i would have survived my childhood if i didn’t anticipate and own the Meteora album!
It’s this one and Somewhere i belong that held my feet up, making me realize i had brothers after all!

(i’m “blessed” with two sisters) :sweat_smile: :face_with_head_bandage:

but as times went beyond 2016
i guess i needed a higher concentrate to stay alive


As @claritea explains:


I think I found a ‘soulmate’ - I think the same way. Breaking the Habit is my favorite song in the world and since the release of Meteora my ‘lifesong’ and my anchor. :pray:t2::heart:

Also I agree with you @achilleas7: Meteora is forever my #1 album and also SIB is a very special and one of my alltime favorites. :heart:

Also I got eight Meteora songs tattooed on my right arm :heart:


@achilleas7 oh man, awesome instrumental on that track! A proper anthem, and love the long intro at the start and the guitar end!

Haha love that picture, it sums up my attitude to music :cool: Yeah, Linkin Park are like old friends, they just speak the truth and are the least judgemental with their words, it’s for everyone and anyone no matter who you are :heart: :heart:


@HakManLP I couldn’t have put it better. Hybrid Theory and Meteroa are both albums I literally ‘lived on’. I have to say Reanimation was brought with much joy, a remix to re-enjoy! They really spoilt us, damnit. Not only was the music cool, but it spoke like no other. I loved that overload of raw emotion and genuine honesty. Breaking The Habit is a true battle song. If you’re going into war, you want something that’s going to keep you fighting for what’s right :exclamation:

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It’s a battle ain’t it!
well, If it is, we’re a well trained army, thanks to our brothers!
all we need is the marching symphony!

Nice to meet you fellow soldier! (army salute emoticon here!)


He’s doing a good job with all the LP remixes,for me that is the on from the most positive songs of LP, thanks for dedication :slight_smile:


a real favorite my dear!
and which one isn’t, right?

we are fans of the best band in history! :sunglasses:

OT: @raz7 if i knew German, they’d be my No3 band!
I’ve stated in a video “i consider Rammstein Germany’s sole export of “goods””
This is my fav:

My heart…

Unless you know the lyrics, the video does not make much sense…

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