What grinds your gears?


Lately a certain someone with they stupidity and making tons of unnecessary posts on social media


LMAO, someone’s not happy. :joy:

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I was trying to not make to obvious @the_termin8r you got though


It’s pretty obvious, you might as well come out with it. lol


You know how I feel about things like this Rob I told you this before on WA


I know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I already made a post in the other thread how I feel


MS Word’s complete and utter inability to do anything but type out text. Why does inserting images and equations turn the page’s formatting on its head?


Word is a nightmare sometimes. I always change the wrapping to having the picture in front of the text. But it’s still a pain.

Good Luck with your dissertation!

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I’ve played with all the possible settings, multiple times. They never do anything so I’ve given up.

Thanks, I’m on the easy part now of writing about content that I know. Yesterday I was doing the literature review and it was like ripping my nails out. I’m nearly done though, and the submission is on Wed.

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Literature review is the worst. And then adding your in-text referencing after you have done writing is even worse. Keep your head up, it’s almost done!

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You can put the images in the background setting so they don’t mess up the text anymore


I add references as I write.

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That’s smart. I find it ruins my flow of writing if I stop to add the references in between

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If I do them all at the end, I end up forgetting where they go lol. Speaking of references, which format do you tend to use?

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APA - Americal Psychological Association. You use Harvard, right?

I know each sentence has to have at least one reference. So it’s not too bad to back track at the end.


Hell no, that’s probably my least fav since it breaks up the flow of the entire report. I’m partial to Vancouver, far less intrusive. I’m glad they haven’t told us to use a specific style.

Thankfully that’s not the case for me.

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APA is similar to Harvard, and yes it is annoyingly intrusive. You get used to it though.

I had to look up the Vancouver style. It’s convenient as well, so I get why you would do it while writing

Lucky! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I heard engineering dissertations generally don’t have many references. My brother was shocked when I told him I had 30 for a 2,000 word essay

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They don’t, mostly because our assignments are based on our own work and experiments we’ve carried out. So far I’ve only got four references, one for each text for the literature review.

I am as well. Why would you need so many?

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I never had that many before I think I may have had 15 or 20