What grinds your gears?

I think this f*cking cold weather is messing with people’s heads. First our landlord and now our neighbours downstairs. Like, wtf is wrong? -.-

This country can’t handle and weather fluctuations, it’s even worse when it gets hot.

They complained that our washing machine is too loud and shouldn’t do laundry. Like excuse me?

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Why didn’t you just laugh in their face? :joy:

Because I have bigger problems to worry about, we just left and completely ignored her.


Well done - the wiser turns around and leaves - ( it’s a german saying … )

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People who pretend to be my friend because they just wanted me to buy their service.

Actually just about everyone who fakes friendship. Tired of that shit.

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My blasted WiFi card, I bought it to replace my stock one, because it’s pretty iffy, the replacement is worse than stock. I’m reurning it and getting a replacement, hoping it will be better and that I just got a bad card. :expressionless:

TFL essentially put a bullet in my head today and I managed to pull a miracle out of my arse. Servere delays and part suspension on the line that I use (it was fine when I left the house). So I had to take a bus across town. What a mistake that was. It took me 40-45 mins to cover 3 fucking miles. Then I got on the train, journey took some 15-20 mins longer than usual. I ended up being only 5 mins late and was still first. I wasn’t late for a lecture, it was a lunch with a guest speaker we (our society) we invited over to speak about model rocketry.

The irony is that my earphones have somehow stopped working properly, only the left side works and the sound is very soft even at max volume. My card somehow cannot be read properly by the machines, so I had to pay in cash. (Also I remembered mentioning before somewhere that the banks in my area have moved further away due to low volume of ppl using the banks when they were in my area.)

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Most likely a broken wire.

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What a bs :roll_eyes::hugs::hugs:

I was with my cousin and her younger cousin (that is 8) yesterday. He wanted an magic 8 ball. So we got back to my aunt’s house-my aunt and cousin got into an uproar why the thing is evil. Every time they’d shut up about it, Carson (the 8 year old) would bring up that he wanted a etch a Sketch instead and they’d argue again. On and on. Then my cousin Jamie mentioned to Carson’s dad that he needs to talk his about Momo. (Carson claimed his teacher had a picture of Momo on her desk). Then Carson gets upset and says he wished he hadn’t mentioned Momo or anything at all. I’m sorry…but I really think he brought this on himself. When they were done talking about the damn 8 ball he would bring it up AGAIN and CONSTANTLY. Why didn’t someone just tell him to shut up? Christ this annoyed me to no end.

Actually it was a hoax, there was no such challenge circulating:

I’m not sure I follow what’s happening. I got something about an 8-ball argument and then an etch-a-sketch argument and then I got completley lost.

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Yeah I know this. I tried explaining this to my cousin that it is a Japanese sculpture. But explaining something to her is like…I really don’t know how to explain. I was dogsitting for my brother and she told me that if my brother’s family dies, I should breed the dogs…I tell her the dogs are spayed. She tells me to get it reversed…I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the dogs get their ovaries taken out so it can’t be “reversed”. My cousin is 47.

This kid got an magic 8 ball. My aunt and cousin argue over it. He brings it up again again constantly to continue the arguing. To clarify he wanted the etch a Sketch.

After that, my cousin mentions to his dad to talk to his to speak to his teacher about Momo… apparently his teacher had a pic of it on her desk. He gets upset wishing he hadn’t brought it up.
My apologies for any confusion.

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Ah, I get it now.

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Looks like Jeff the killer experimented with drugs

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