What grinds your gears?


Yes, I was, went to bed a few mins after. Lol

This. People will look for the easy way out. If it’s not your job, you can say no.


For a sec I thought you fell asleep on your desk :joy:



Obviously Deezer has a lot of stuff unavailable, so yesterday I went to go download the YouTube Music app (don’t ask me why, I though maybe could play music with the screen off), and then without any warning (all I did was just logging in), they started me on a two-week YouTube Music trial. So now I accidentally have two subscriptions running concurrently. :triumph:


The mistake runs much deeper than you think, https://www.reddit.com/r/YoutubeMusic/comments/acuaru/psa_about_gpm_and_ytm_and_googles_services/,

now frantically downloading my Google Play Music library…

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That is absolutely incredible… but I know you will be able to save your music files :+1:t2::+1:t2:- such an attitude should be forbidden :no_entry_sign:


Cars, everything about them.


Lol, what happened?


Mine wouldn’t start yesterday morning, dead battery because of the cold. It was just irritating at 6 am in the freezing cold, trying to jump it.

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:confused: you just have to be nice to it… otherwise it’ll be mean like this and give you the cold shoulder :roll_eyes:

when the heater is working tomorrow morning while its taking you to your job, give the dash a nice little pat :upside_down_face:


Time for a battery change perhaps, not really the car’s fault. If you haven’t got the time to go and change it, take it out of the car and into your house during the night. Should be less of a faff than having to do a jump every morning.


I pat my dash all the time. :joy:

Yeah, I’m doing that this weekend.

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I think you’re patting wrong :no_mouth:
Like this :wave:t3: Noooot like :facepunch:t3: :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:
Hope it goes back to being old reliable :slightly_smiling_face:


You must NEVER pat the dashboard of an American car, because it’ll fall apart the moment you touch it. In the same way that you don’t want to lay eyes on an iphone because it’ll crack.


The noise that some people do when they are chewing food, with their mouth open :persevere:


That’s just Teslas!
You mean mug those bastards and the bumper hits the floor lol


No, pretty much every American car, your cars don’t have a good reputation over here.


Good thing I have a Nissan.

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Okay, I’ll bite.

Do you have a co-worker who every time you see them, you can’t help but ask yourself, “Just HOW did you get this job?”

As long as I’ve known him (his nickname is Worm) - about twelve or thirteen years - his work ethic has always been questionable.

My first summer working with Worm, we had a crew of “summer kids” scrubbing walls and cleaning furniture in classrooms, and getting the floors ready for scrubbing. Often times, he would sit and scrub the same spot on a wall for a good ten-fifteen minutes before we had to tell him we were done with that room already.

Last summer (2017), there was one day Worm was asked to deliver packages, as FedEx had just delivered them, which he did.
- The following day, he was asked to collect any cardboard that had accumulated throughout the building and to move it to the dumpster.
- Later in the day, I was asked to do the same thing, since there was more than Worm could handle. First, though, I took it upon myself to actually climb inside the dumpster and pull all the cardboard out, and break it all down, simply to make more room for us to add more.
- I kid you not, I was pulling unopened packages from the dumpster - at least seven or eight packages that Worm literally delivered the day before. He saw it sitting in the hall next to a pile of cardboard, put two and two together, and took everything to the dumpster. By doing what I did, I saved our school quite a chunk of change and prevented them from having to be ordered anything twice.

Those are just a couple examples. I mean, we could write a book of everything he’s done, and all his excuses over the years. He’s even had a lawyer with him at work (he wasn’t working in our building at that time), but he’s just one of those people that can’t be touched.

He’s also notorious for burning through all of his vacation and sick time quicker than anybody I’ve ever known.

-This week started out normal for me. Monday was a federal holiday, so there was no school. On Wednesday night, my boss asked me if I could come to work at noon Thursday, as Worm was taking a half day to get his truck looked at.
- At about 6:30 Thursday morning, my boss told me that Worm took the entire day off instead. He claims the battery fell out of his fucking truck on his way into work, but he was able to pull into a gas station and call in.
- Today, I was planning on working an hour early - to help move desks since today was the last day of testing for the semester - but instead, I got woken up at 6:00. Worm “got the flu, but his girlfriend had to call in for him since he was too sick.”

He’s also in a band. He’s a drummer and they have gigs all the time, which is why he bid out of working nights.



One more work-related thing.

Starting in June, our building has been going through major construction including an expansion of our cafeteria, and the addition of an elevator that actually reaches the third floor, since in the hundred-something years the building’s been there, there’s never been one on that side of the building.

On top of all that, all of our roofing was slated to be replaced as well.

Three years ago during our February break, in the section of the building that I clean, the roof ripped right open, flooding two classrooms and doing significant damage to some of the teachers’ belongings. Because of that, the roof replacement on the entire building was included in our current capital project.

We were told the roofers would be completing their work by October.

Within the last month or so, minor roof leaks have been showing up in spots that have never leaked before. The roofing is still not done yet, and now water and snow is settling on the roof and coming through and creating new problems where there never had been before in the hundred whatever years the building’s been standing.

On some of the roofs, there idle equipment is still sitting there, which isn’t helping matters at all. In one instance, a piece of equipment froze to the roof over our elementary gym last month, creating a leak on a perfectly good roof. The damage is bad enough that the gym floor is starting to buckle, and we might be completely replacing the floor at some point this summer, which is not a cheap fix at all.

Here are some of the other rooms with problems. In one room, the teacher is finding humor in hanging his own sign.

This picture above is some of the original ceiling in one of the oldest spots in the building.

Speaking about the original building, this is what our new elevator is looking like. Every single time I see this, I can’t help but laugh. Keep in mind, the rest of the building is red brick.


Oh man, I definitly know why his nickname is Worm… hope he gets what he dersves, and it’s incredible that he wasn’t fired back then with the package story… and lol to the elevator- but it’s good there is one at all- to not be in the need to carry heavy stuff to the second level no longer…