What grinds your gears?

Weird! I hope you haven’t too much important conversations on it. I don’t know if it’s possible to get back them.

Sending you hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I finally got to work

Welcome to my world. LMAO :joy:

Fuck the asylums, literally
I need just one paper saying “I’m not a fucking psycho” that’s it. Can probably be done easily as hell in the payed clinics but nooo we need a fucking state one
A waste of my time


Ugh, people can be so disgusting sometimes.

I don’t have water right now because they’re fixing a main break. When I came home for lunch there was so much of it flowing down our street.

I hope it gets fixed soon! :astonished:

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You could always camp out at the leak with a load of bottles and buckets. Or route a large hose to your house. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would make this fun. :rofl: I think the cops over seeing the job would give me dirty looks though.

Thanks @Lilyope

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Who cares? You’re the one paying for it.


This is a very good point.

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My AirPods broke :sob: I’m dying without them :sob:

Hmm, somehow I’ve had the same pair of headphones for over 2 and a half years now, and they’re still going, thats a record for me lol, and they are Wal-Mart :joy:

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:pensive: :unamused:
Thanks for your encouragement :triumph: lol
I have mine on literally all day long…and they’re in dust, sweat, rain, etc
I burn through any headphones ridiculously fast :persevere: wired ones will last me a week :joy: I’ll tangle them at work or something, the Bluetooth ones with neck rest end up cracking or heating or some weird random crap
These have lasted me the most and have been the best I’ve had :persevere: so I’m legitimately sad lol

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You could always carry an extra pair, and I wouldn’t waste it on the expensive ones, expensive doesn’t always mean better :stuck_out_tongue:

lol that’s exactly what I’ll be doing now :joy:
I just caved and came and bought a second pair :rofl::persevere:
And I made an appointment to try to get these fixed since they’re under warranty :sweat_smile:
Don’t judge me :joy:

I know expensive isn’t always better haha but in this case I would strongly argue it’s the case, I love them :sweat_smile: the most comfortable, good sound, and their connection is easily 5xs longer range than others

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I’m sorry for you @framos1792. :astonished: I hope they will fix it fast. :pray:
Maybe you can sing until you get your new AirPods. :see_no_evil::hugs:

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Get real earphones. Or look for ones that are designed to take a bit of abuse.

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@framos1792 I feel you. I wouldn’t change my Apple EarPods for anything.

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:flushed: you’re making me use this again but we’re switching places :see_no_evil::joy:

Ah, I already said I have :stuck_out_tongue: I’m literally not exaggerating when I say I’ve gone through a store’s whole variety :sweat_smile:
Thanks @evooba for understanding :grin: