What grinds your gears?

There isn’t another bus to take? And please stay safe

No not we it dropped. Me off

I hope you reached your destination. :muscle::hugs:

Wow that is horrible @evooba but stay strong. People can complain too much. It like if they get something they are still unsatisfied

I don’t think my manager has understood what I mean. Like, I went in today for a few hours only to find the rest of them in an absolute chaos for no reason. Had to stay an extra 2 hours to pick up their mess.

The co-worker whom I started my current job with got fired this week. A male co-worker was butt-hurt about her rejecting him as a lover and he used all his power to get her fired. It pisses me off so bad.

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Wow… what a pathetic child


We’re talking about grown adults here, grown men who are married and have children and yet behave like a spoiled whiny baby because a lady said no… That doesn’t even make me pissed anymore. The thought that the department I work for, which is all female, had to fire my female co-worker to keep the men from the other department happy, that’s what makes me pissed off.

That is horrible! I can’t believe this! Humans never cease to amaze me

My brain can’t even comprehend that. It’s just beyond absurd.

Wth? Neutering should be an option in those cases
Hopefully it bites him in the @ and wife knows about it
It’s vile using whatever influence he has for something like that
Shame on the dept for not finding a way to fire him instead

Wow, that’s insane!

I’m running on 2-3 hours of sleep due to this insane heat. I don’t know how I’m going to survive today.

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The story of the past week for me.

I have so absolutely had it with these fucking helicopters today. I haven’t been tallying them, but I am going to say that this is the worst that it has been so far. 6 have flown over in the past 10 mins, fucking 6! I’m prepared to say that AT LEAST 20 have passed today. :rage:

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There are so many military planes flying over my house today, they are old and so loud, it’s so annoying. They’ve been going by every 2-3 minutes.

I’d trade old military planes for copters in a heartbeat, it’d give me something interesting to look at.

Late for work cuz my bus driver likes to arrive at bus stops ten minutes before it’s suppose to be there.

Ok, these military planes are flying over again but this time they’re flying so f*cking low the entire house is shaking and the noise?? Ugh, so so annoying!

I was on discord and it cleared everything and I can’t get it back