What grinds your gears?

Well it’s pritave I think it’s just the school

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You had to a test to get in to the School and they keep saying that passing your college Class is the most important

But here is some. Good news though

Since I don’t stay for the four years
I think I am safe

Because I don’t go though the whole program

I can understand getting kicked out of a uni course if you fail X amount of classes, that’s the boat I’m in (if I fail, I get to resit, but if I fail that I get kicked out), however, I most definitly don’t get sued or fined. Your situation is idiotic to say the least. Stay strong.

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Hey this canton schools no wonder why they have an F rating

But I am strong I won’t let this get to me


I don’t know how the person who have decided that can look at herself/himself in the mirror.
That’s totally wrong.

Good thing that you don’t let this getting on you! They won’t take/steal your strength. :muscle::hugs:

Niceeeee!! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle::hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face:

Can someone remind me again why summer is so excellent? This was my car seat in the morning…in °C. It hurt even through my trousers.

My dad’s was 74.9°C

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I prefer winter honestly

To only good thing is if your still in school and get a summer vacation

But the hot sucks

My summer holiday is too long, it’s over 3 months. But then again, we only get Easter and Xmas as other holidays, and this academic year, the engineering students had their Xmas break cut shorter than everyone else’s by a whole week.

I understand summer is hot but like really I can’t stand the heat at all. It is annoying to me.

I’m annoyed because next semester I will be taking some hard classes in the fall. Like I understand that college is hard but come on though.

I don’t think I’ll be doing anything in the summer which is literally freaking boring.

That’s some awful shit @stephlp18 and @Lilyope. I hope things will work out for you soon!


I felt like killing people today at work. I really don’t understand how they whine because they don’t get enough hours but when they do work they always complain about pretty much everything.


Just let them be, it’s their problem, not yours.


I don’t know your collegues,but I don’t like them…at all… :expressionless: stay strong!

Yes I don’t get it too. Stay strong :hugs:

My bus broke down

Working with people can be very aggravating. Good Luck. Sending you strength

@StephLP18 that sucks! I hope you get to where you want to soon

My only option is to walk

And hopefully I can find my way

Stay strong! :muscle::muscle::hugs: