What grinds your gears?

Or you could just work without music.


I just saw the price of those things. @framos1792 Are you clinically insane to pay £160 for those things? They cost more than my full size HD 598s. Just go for some wired Sennheiser buds for about £30 and take slightly better care of them.

For that money you could have 5 pairs of Sennheiser buds, and I’m prepared to bet that 5 pairs will last longer than 1 pair of pods. And they’ll have a miles better sound quality and they don’t need to be recharged every 10 mins.

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No :triumph:

5 pairs won’t last as long as these lasted me lol
And honestly, the recharge hasn’t been an issue for me even using them all day long, I pop them in on one side usually unless I’m using machinery and I’d say 95% of the time I’m cool on charge
And the ones that broke only got chipped from the charging port on the outside so they aren’t connecting to the case itself-it’s not like they broke dramatically
:man_shrugging: honestly worth it in my case

All that dead time? :fearful:

I just can’t comprehend why anyone would spend over 60 quid on buds.

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Eh, you don’t have to :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried some full sized wireless headphones instead of the pods?

Yeah they’re alright but they get bulky, then if I’m wearing hats or something it’s blegh

My ducking freezing phone :triumph: guess I need to go to the iPhone store again

Go to any store that sells phones that aren’t made by Apple and buy a real phone. :joy:

But on a serious note, what is it specifically that causes the issue?

That its an iPhone? :rofl::joy:

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You guys- :stuck_out_tongue: I sooo love my iphone :heart_eyes:- it’s the first brand of phone I ever owned that explains itself to the user- kinda intuitive - but yes- since a few days it just freezes- I have no idea why- not long- maybe like 30 secs longest- but it’s annoying :frowning:

Fair point.

Stockholm syndrome?

That sounds like it’s trying to make a fairly large computation or it’s doing several things at once. What model is it and in the instances that it froze, what were you doing exactly? I.e. were you expecting it to work like a PC and carry out several heavy processes at once?

You guys… I never thought I’d complain this much about the weather here. What is this?! I need winter!


It’s been a pain.

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It’s been hotter than hell

I’ve been sitting in 32C for the past few hours, and then sun isn’t even coming through my windows yet.

Lol- to answer your question I should know what you’re talking about- but I don’t :see_no_evil:- I know it’s a shame … but I hope the friendly clerk at the apple store can reset it :four_leaf_clover:

I was asking what it was that you were specifically doing on it when it froze. If it freezes temporarily it means that it’s struggling to process a bunch of commands.

It depends- sometimes while surfing here- sometimes on WA- or Discord or Words…almost while everything I’m doing with it…

And are you using them (either all or most) at the same time?

They’re probably all on in the background-I do it on mine 95% of the time

@theearlywalker if you’re on the homepage, you can double tap the button and all the windows for everything that’s running will appear, if you’re not using certain windows, you can swipe that window up and it will close the application completely and help with it running a little better :man_shrugging:
Sometimes the newer apps put more strain on the phones and slows them down :confused:
You might’ve already done this but yeah I thought I’d mention :slightly_smiling_face: