What grinds your gears?

I had work experience for 2 weeks at the end of high school. They had some massive pl of songs but only ever played a dozen. I was working (unpaid) at GAP. Nearly got myself fired :stuck_out_tongue: The only good thing about that place was the AC.

well, at least you got an AC :relaxed:

I don’t think the trade off was worth it though. A clothes store (among a couple of other places/situations) is my idea of hell.

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join into the plug sound @Rick_van_Meijel , will bring better

oh yeah I forgot about that. can you post me a link?

Be sure to check out the guide thread…

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I hate the fucking helicopters flying over my house. I’m actually logging how many fly over today and at what time. I’ll post the results later but so far between ~10:49 and 11:51 eight helicopters have flown over my house :angry:

EDIT: I think there’s some kind of correlation between me opening my windows and helicopter activity shooting through the roof.

When the metro arrives every 15min -.-

That happens to me too, and @The_early_walker claims that they are her drones :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you live near the lines?

It’s been 6 hours and the count is up to 17 (one passed 10 secs ago). I suspect I missed a couple because there is a weird gap of no copters between 12:48 and 14:49

Yeah, about 10min walk. I had to change lines though so I’m waiting again…

I don’t think she does. (Besides, it’s underground, as seen in the pics). She is refer to the waiting time of the metro. It is like nobody takes public transport cuz the bus takes up to ½ hr to arrive eg.

Isn’t that a contradiction? If there are fewer people it should be faster as it doesn’t have to keep stopping.

my drones aren´t out today sry…

The ½ hr was referring to the waiting time at the bus stop; if there are fewer people, fewer buses would be sent out.

I hate waiting for the bus. I make my trips faster on foot.

There is a copter flying over as I type this. The count is now up to 20 in just over 6hrs. I also calculated that statistically I might have missed 4.25 copters in that gap i mentioned which actually rounds to 5 copters (not 4).

Buses here take too long, in London they arrive within 2min, you never have to wait.

The metro usually comes every 3min on week days but it’s different during the weekend. It doesn’t run till late either, which is a bummer.

Maybe in central, in my area you’d be lucky if it comes in 30


Here’s the helicopter activity log for today (times of each passing):

(I gave up past this point).

I also estimate that I missed about 4-5 in the gap between 12:48 and 14:49. Either I missed them or all the pilots were having lunch or something.

Overall (not inc the estimation) 24 copters flew over my house in about 7 hours and 20 mins. That makes 3.3 an hour (statistically) which goes to 4; meaning 1 every 15 mins.

And this happens EVERY GODDAMN DAY :rage:

It wasn’t like this a few years back :confused:

Are they actually drones (like @The_early_walker commented)

No, they’re manned ones. It’s your average copter, nothing special, there’s just a flight lane right over my house. And they fly low too :confused: