What grinds your gears?

same here!

hi @spelling_mistake
it had been a long while, how are you doing, dudette?
#and yes, @evooba, I change immediately…but you first make ya parents leave the house, than we change…lol

I have been here, i just … had nothing to say?
I’m good and how are you :slight_smile:

HEY :stuck_out_tongue: I´m fine, you sawthe post of Triple-Xero? Our guys seemesto be busy, I love this lil snap, cs it is showing it is growing, the album, and the best:
#they are all together at the studio…
a real nice, well feeling thought for me, :eye:

what post do you mean?

this one

ahh yees :slight_smile: I can’t wait :slight_smile: yeeyi

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Will they tour this year? What is your oppinion? @spelling_mistake

i think no, or just mabye at the states.
But i think we have hope at 2017

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this is a must, I think a big tour 2017/2018 is scheduled still

I will see then then, i dont care how :smiley: i am the biggest lover fan who has not seen them live, i am a LP virgin.

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wow, how nice, lol :joy:
so the first time is the deepest, you know? So it will happen on their next tour? how exciting :grinning:

and THAT is what grinds my gears! :smiley: i hope so, it must

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yesto be in topic, but really? I feel happy, every soldier [after you are loosing ya virginity, you finally seen the light and become one of the brave…lol, let´s change topic or stopp for not confusing everybody, lol, have a nice day, hopefully see ya more often, thanx for this nice chat here inside our LPU :two_women_holding_hands:

You too :slight_smile: then i am a real soldier :smiley:

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Good luck with that. I’ve been trying to get rid of them for just one night but it ain’t happening.

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The cheap Chinese bastard from the Chinese restaurant put shrimp crackers in the bottom of my take-out dish. I ended up with HALF the Chinese roasted pork belly I ordered… :confused:

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SNOW outside and freezing personal relations [due to it???:frowning2::muscle::punch:]

Someone in the neighborhood is playing/trying to play (aka failing miserably) bass and they have the amp turned really loud with the bass nob pretty high as well as it sounds, and UGH!!! It’s so bad, all you can hear is a constant buzz.

Those neighbour-men:

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