Usernames: What does your mean?

Pretty simple, why did you choose the username you have?

The origin of mine dates all the way back to the Numb Journals

I can’t exactly remember the exact username offhand, but it was something along the lines of LinkinPark_13413. But it’s basic, and the first thing that came to mind, was 13413 is my zip code.

What’s the meaning behind your usernames?

Mine is basically the Initials of my names, the 21 is just a age that was significant to me in a way…

MrOgnoy is one i often use! It has style! Mister and my surname: Ognøy :slight_smile:


StickNMove was taken back 10 years ago when I was making my AIM account, so I’ve used StuckNMove since then.

I had changed my username name three times : Purnama, Purnamalp and now Purrfect.

Purnama is my real name, then I put lp because that sounds cool lol

Now Purrfect, thanks to Woco21 :stuck_out_tongue:

its my author name… :wink:

Mine is from a scene in The Simpsons, where Marge gets a crush on the Burly Paper Towel guy, Homer gets jealous, and then fake calls her in guise of “Chad Sexington,” the Burly Paper Towel model. :smiley:

Mine is easy! MNC stands for MoNiCa, that is my name!eheheh

I have a funny story for mine. AdieK84 stands for Adie Klarpol, who is a character in one of my favourite novels “Plowing the Dark” by Richard Powers, and of course 84 for my birthyear.
This was my username for a while and a few years ago, I wanted to comment on Mike’s blog for the first time and had to log in. So Wordpress asks me if I wanto to register for a blog as well, and I just do it, even though I never even thought about having a blog.
So WP asks me for a name and without thinking about it, I type in my usual username “AdieK84”. What happened then was that I got addicted to blogging and my blog has now 115,885 hits and the really weird name “AdieK84’s Blog” and I can’t change it anymore at this point XD.

Mine is a mixture of Shinoda and my name (Nick) :smiley:

Please don’t laugh. But when I was a kid I used Angeleye a lot. But when I grew older it just didn’t fit me all that well. Then I came acros Kealyn, which really doesn’t have one exact meaning. Every site said something else. And that idea kinda fitted me. So when I was fourteen or… Kealyn it was :).

My username is my guitar. ESP is a guitar brand. I got the LTD ESP version. And on aim( my first social networking site)espltd was taken and 3441 was one of the recomendations and i picked that.

My dream of marrying Mike Shinoda!!! :smiley:

Pretty obvious, I love Anime!

really stupid name i made back in 2008/2009 xD … My name is Michelle and i thought it was so creative to mix my name with Chester’s nickname: Chaz. So it became michazyee. And i also thought the ‘yee’ would add some flair to it. It was my intention to sound it like; yoooooo, doood, wazzaap. That you have to pronounce with pure fucking awesomeness especially with hand movements. But i guess i failed on that one, but that name just grew on me ^^

my all time favorite song

My username is just simply my real name, Holden. So creative I know [cool]

My username is my middle name although it’s spelled differently on my birth certificate. The numbers are my birthday…

I originally went by the name Firari95 (last name, year I was born), then after getting banned off YouTube, I thought of a new username. It’s basically just my favorite numbers with a Linkin Park twist to it. The things I tried were DoubleZero, DoubleXero, and TripleZero. TripleXero was the only one not taken