Usernames: What does your mean?


my name is Vicky and my friends and family call me Vix. and i absolutely love LP. so VixLP :slight_smile:


for me 2+2+1= 5 The month of my birthday , and when i created an email in 2003 with gmail , I couldnt hav just my name as an email and it gave me suggestions of 221 , in suffix so i use it always everywhere.


Nothing special about mine, it’s simply my first name. :wink:


mine is from drangon ball z xD i LOVE videl since i’m 10 and i sill love her & dbz! and i was born on 22nd january :slight_smile:


It’s my first name. :slight_smile:


Mine is my nickname that my bro lumped me with when I was 12,most people know me as weazel.


Pekigirl is just a nickname… Peki is what most of my friends call me, because of my last name (Pecorelli) … and girl because I’m a girl LOL


Might look silly:

I have this username since the very first online game I played to: Age of Mythology XD

pandobox = pandora’s box, if you didn’t realize.

and Antoine Morin is my real life name.

On Internet I’m known as pandobox and IRL I’m known as Antoine Morin
so now everyone can recognize me :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine is a shortened version of my name - Jeanine - and my birth month and birth year, Feb 1977. It’s my handle on FB and twitter and I usually use it whenever I sign up for any website now.


In real life, I’m usually a quiet person. But when I’m alone or hanging out with friends, I’m pretty outgoing. and quiet and riot rhyme, so there.


Just my name with The Awesome behind it.

I did it because I’m so… Well you probably see where I’m going with this.


I explained it in my profile info.
Skyolker is a mix of Skywalker and my name Olga. There are bunch of skywalkers out there, so I decided to create my own :). And, I also skydive.


when I was 8 years old, my stepmom would call me Laura Lou from Kalamazoo. The name has stuck and my stepmom (still), sister in law, brother, and few other family members call me Laura Lou. And no, Lou is not my middle name, Michele is.


I use my first name.


I am a tad obsessed with double Os at the moment.


My artist name…the first two characters of my first and lastnam.


I made a short film once about the behind the scenes making of a terrible movie, which was about giant killer newts - I liked that stupid idea so much I named my production company killer newt pictures and thus use the username killernewt on a lot of sites. The numbers are just some random ones :wink:


hehe, they’re my initials :slight_smile:


“Rhime Animal” is a song from one of my favorite bands, Thousand Foot Krutch. Besides LP, they are my favorites, and the song is pretty cool. :wink:


it’s an anagram of my last name: Masatani. Put the ‘i’ in front and flip the ‘a’ and ‘m’ and you get iamsatan.

I have a lot of inner demons lulz.