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Kyiv aint no small… it’s just about the tastes.

I just had noodles too…well sort of. My mum made some of her chicken noodle soup.

Still weird to me… can’t you at least buy the ingridients and make them at home?

@the_termin8r1 I think I’d be able to live with just noodles. Every day, lunch and dinner. So damn good.

I just a banana, lol was good, sweet and smooth, as I love it. Can´t understand ppl, throwing bananas away, cause of sm brown marks on the shell…banana best with brown marks lol :banana:

Yeap! That’s what we do. It’s not that kind of noodles though. Another spices, flour etc.

so what´s up for lunch at ya table today @Jabin_Quaken & lovely @coon

Chicken-rice with vegetables. :smile: :rice::poultry_leg::sweet_potato::corn::fork_and_knife::candy:

Close to that

Corn flakes (without sugar) with a banana :corn::banana:



passes out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

corn flakes+banana=dopamine and endorphins :heart_eyes:

where are the endorphines in @coon, banana? I´ll eat a whole bunch of…lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Found this last summer pic on my phone and got my mouth watering…

look fwd to the next summer it is comming for sure…lol



Clean/Ash Monday feast

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looks yummy, hi @evooba, is this clean/ash Monday sth like easter Monday here? Your table´s just inviting me to sit down, lol :sun_with_face: [[nice new icons/smileys, I get aware today, and in all cateegories, there are sm new …lol

No idea. It marks the beginning of the fast for Easter. (Our Easter is May 1st this year, I believe yours is on the 27th of this month?)

25-28. this month, it always irritates me, that all these churches can´t find together to one god, but, also the variety has its good…

There are so many religions out there, makes sense to have different holidays/celebrations or whatever.

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does not matter, its a free holiday :smiley: