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i should say good night to anna too :nerd_face: nn anna, missed you a lot, sweet dreams and hope you had a great day :innocent::innocent::innocent::black_heart:

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You really say good night to me with cauliflower? :exploding_head:
The one thing …
Yeah, so, thanks :grimacing:

Leave me out! :triumph::kissing_heart:


:rofl: out of what? :innocent::innocent::joy: i have no idea what you speak of and hypothetically speaking, if i knew, then perhaps @anngelenee would need to be told the same for wishing an undisclosed person a nn with Brussels sprouts :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was actually thinking that you just went to sleep, I didn’t sending you to bed so hope that you’re dont mind the :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s russel sprouts :face_with_monocle::grimacing::smile:

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Oh, wrong translation. Never needed that before. :grimacing:
I eat almost everything.
Just russel sprouts and liquorice :nauseated_face:

Don’t worry, I was fast asleep at that time already.:sleeping:


I’m not a boy birthday turd



Look there :point_up:t3:
I know you’re a little girl :upside_down_face:

Whhhhy? They’re so good :yum: looks like the little cabbages :joy:

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Sure, they look cute.
Babys look cute too.
And I don’t eat them.

Hey sweetie :hugs::heart:

@framos1792 is this chocolate cake? :yum:
Looks like the best birthday cake ever! :star_struck:

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Hello :kissing_heart: How’s you morning?

I feel guilty bout this :joy:


You should! :triumph:

Perfect, on a train to Berlin for visiting my uncle, writing morning greetings. Lots of time for it. At least as long as I have enough reception in the wild east. :grin:

And? Whats up with you?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Heyyyy! @framos1792 also like babys! :joy:

Hope you will have some time for sightseeing (or you just familiar with Berlin?) im in love with that city :heart_eyes: Was there only once when i was teenager but still :heart_eyes:

Me? Have a little trouble with neighbours and busted pipe (lot of attractions lol) but now is ok, now i know the neighbour next door is from Russia…yeah :joy:


I know that! :sunglasses:
But for food? :exploding_head:
Explains a lot! :expressionless:

Is this possible? It’s such a big city. Even Berliner only hang in there own quarters. I always make fun of them. They are all, we are big worldly towns people. And then never looked over their own area.
My uncle and his kids moved there from London, they think it as small. :laughing:
But it is a beautiful, very green city. I will see.

Why yeah?
Happy you have solved the trouble.

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It was a chocolate chip cookie :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry, baby carrots don’t count :joy:

You bet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile::joy: gonna have 12 of them :nerd_face:
You’ve just got a bigger costume on than Batman but you know you like them too :relieved:

What did you do? Lol

Blonde? :crossed_fingers:t3::innocent::rofl:

What do you think of me :expressionless:

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Its nearly three in the morning!
What should I think of you? :laughing:

Big city residents problems :smile: My friend live in the one of the biggest cities and know only fev restaurants in her area and the National stadium because she like to went on the football matches…

Hope you will have some time :hugs:

He live here so many years and I even didn’t know who my neighbours are :sweat_smile:

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Dedicated? Devoted? Ehmmm… oxytocin induced insomniac? :sweat_smile:

Wait wait wait lmao
Oxytocin not as in child labor :rofl:


Normal babys either :baby:t4:

You write what?

Nothing,I don’t even touch the wall :joy::v:t4: The building is old so,some time that’s happened :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah like in the white chicks…lol


Ehmmm :thinking::cold_sweat:
Just let me imagine you eat those babies with loving kisses(?) :sweat::pray:t2:

That you’re a softie :yum:

:joy: I so believe in your innocence :lying_face::joy:
Glad it’s fixed though :grin:

:confused: wait…
When they’re dudes? Or when they’re dressed as the girls? :joy::joy::joy: there’s a uhhhh…big difference :joy: