The smart questions thread

Lol. In my house we close and lock the bathroom door. Leaving it unlocked (much less open) would undoubtedly result in someone bursting in. Honestly, sometimes when it is locked people still burst through the door.

This happens when I’m in. :joy: But it never happens the other way around. Why? Because the lock has a notch in it on the outside, I’ve learned the positions for locked and unlocked and just look at it when I’m not sure. I’ve told the rest of my family to do it, but they say it’s too complex. lol


Lol. My brother and I share a bathroom and each of our rooms has a door leading to it. The door to my brothers room doesn’t have the best lock on it so it can be fairly easily opened even when it’s locked just by jiggling the handle around a bit.

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On the topic of locks, when my sister is brushing her teeth I usually lock her in from the outside because I can twist the bit with the notch with my fingers. :joy:

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Something like this? :joy:

Of course instead the grandparents, your parents, Rob.

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No, they know exactly what I mean, they just don’t do it. Like when I tell my mum it’s easier to copy and paster with ctrl c and v, but she says it’s too complex and does it with the mouse.

Get it.

And it’s worst when you ask them what is what they don’t understand and their reply is: everything/nothing, and you just want to hit your head against the wall.

Anyway, our only option is be patients.

minus that s I hope :sweat_smile::joy:


There’s a documentary coming out about this town Cherán, Mexico, that’s existing without any help of government.

Further raises the question if government is neccessary in order to have a stable society. Thoughts?

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I’m not really one for politics, I’d like anarchy for the excitment and the laughter I’d get from watching humanity tear itself to shreds. Unfortunetaly, governement is needed because the stupid wouldn’t know what to do with new-found freedom.


anarchy it’s impossible in most of today’s society. it’s an utopian concept.
humans will always have their personal agendas and ambitions.
the town in the movie is a small town and, from what I could perceive, the town as a ruling system, based on an old ruling system that they are applying right now. but they are a very small community. how can you do that in a town with 10 million people? for anarchy to be possible, every member of the community as to think about others and the good of society first. that is something that people are unable to do in the current time. maybe in 500 years that would be possible, but for now there is just too much greedy.

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I agree that we’re certainly far away from a situation where peaceful anarchy would be a standard way of living. However, if enough people become familiar with the concept of anarchy and its benefits, I don’t think it’s impossible. What’s the alternative? Living under the duress of the state for eternity?

Unless you’re living in a dictatorship, I don’t think anyone is living under the duress of the state. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, you provide them with some money in the form of taxes and they provide you back with an incredible multitude of services and conveniences. At they end of the day, even if you disagree with their political ideology or whatever, you gotta remember that the government is doing their best to provide the best for its citizens and country.

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i agree with @jrtrussell
at least that’s what happens in Portugal. i pay my taxes, and if i get cancer, my public health system takes care of my treatment. if i have kids, they have a lot of public daycare and schools to attend. if they want to go to university, well i have to pay a fee, but even this year they reduced. in a democratic government the power is in the people, but most of the times, we don’t realize how much power we have. the people in the government is only there because we vote for them.
that anarchy system is possible, but only when mankind is ready for them. idealistic speaking we need to go through a series of political scenarios for that to be possible. and it needs to be in the whole world, not in one or two countries. the political ideologies are kind of contagious, like a virus. so if one good thing happens in one country, the other country next to this good country will want to apply the same directives. but it can happen for the negative stuff to. to be a bolsonaro (the new Brazilian president), had to be a trump (that lead a campaign based on populism believes and false statements.
hopping that they don’t ruined world economy and amazonia rain forest though.


Meanwhile they get increased over here, though to be fair, I don’t think there was an increase for my 3rd year.

they reduced because is election year :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
but still it was a good thing :smiley:
in UK university is way more expensive than portugal. no? here, we pay like 1000€ anually for the thing after the Bachelor’s degree but before the Master’s degree and i dont know the name in English :joy:

Over here I had to pay £9K for my first year and then they increased it to £9250. There is no year between Bachelor’s and Master’s. It goes Bachelor > Master > PhD.

its bachelor’s than :joy:

In a way yes, and no…

There are things to dislike about governments, some examples including being mandated for service of their country. I don’t believe wars lead anything to money to big wigs pockets and deaths, along with taking over land “democratically”

We all may be well fed and such, but the US has caused quite some atrocities to smaller countries, and we are not given any of this information by our media. We are distracted with small things, like entertainment. We “elect” officials, but may i ask how many of them do you actually do research and say, “OK, this guy legitimately wants good for the community”.

We here in the US are being poisoned by food and big pharma, though we believe they do better, but lack seeing the side-effects in said ailments. We are being divided through politics but most don’t realize it. We fight ourselves over views that may not even be fulfilled by the one invoking the words (politician).


I agree that war is often unless and without much benefit, but WW1 and WW2 prevented much of the world from being taken over by communist and socialist dictators. Without these wars defeating these dictators the world would be a much worse place today.

I don’t believe the US has intentionally caused atrocities to other small countries. They may have attempted to assist these countries only to have it backfire, but they would intentionally try to destroy another country (unless it was for military benefit). And if these thing were happening the media would be all over it. The media loves to slander the government and if such things were happening we wouldn’t hear about anything but these events.

Entertainment is in the news, but only takes up a small portion of the information. The majority of the information given out by news stations is about politics, government, or other relevant current events. If you want entertainment news they have specific shows to watch that focus solely on this topic.

I believe that politicians do have intentions to help the community if elected, however, people may disagree with their ideas and beliefs. Hence different political parties. I do agree however, that not many people research the candidates as much as they should, choosing instead to base their opinions off the candidate’s advertisements and the medias portrayal of them.

I don’t know about this. Food and medicine must be approved by different agencies before it is given out to the public. I don’t think anyone is being poisoned by them. Some people may be getting sick from fast food, but that is their own problem, they chose to eat like that knowing the consequences. And the side effects of medication is pretty well publicized. They are plastered all over the labels and advertisements, and doctors warn you about them before prescribing them.

Much of the US is divided right now with politics because of our ole pal Trump in office. He is a love him or hate him president so naturally the country would be divided. But everyone knows it. Its pretty obvious right now that we are divided politically and everyone knows why.

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