The smart questions thread

Under the effects of the alcohol?

I guess it’s a saying. But if you want something more “realistic” well… It could be a blunt knife, you can damage someone, but you can’t kill him.

Doesn’t make a difference. It’s either intentinal or not, not both.

You wanna bet?

Well… it depends on many aspects… :sweat_smile:
You can kill someone with bare hands so…

Maybe driving a bus and lose the control?

I should say no, but I want to hear what you in mind.

Well yeah, but that’s not the point now.

Just pointing out that anything can be technically"offensive", so maybe that’s why they say “offensive weapons” referring to dangerous umm tools… don’t know… :thinking:

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Again, that’s just accidental.

A blunt knife is essentially a butter knife. Depending on what type of knife you mean, it might even have a point. Even when blunt, a knife is still very thin, meaning it just needs more force. Anything is a weapon in the right hands.


Exactly what I meant before…

A weapon (the object itself) isn’t offensive per definition. A gun for example can be used for killling (offensive) but also for self defensive actions. Nothing wrong with the gun itself, it’s just a piece of metal. It’s about the way it’s being used.

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There’s nothing wrong with a carrot, but I can still kill you with it. :stuck_out_tongue: I should probably looks this up properly when I’ve got more time.

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So what? The carrot remains an object as well. It’s about the human usage that’s relevant

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So that links with “wrong/right” things to do and perception… :thinking:

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Maybe. An object can be created to help people, but some as*****s decide to use it for another thing (TNT)

My only conclusion is that when the people made the rules, they decided what thing can be an inoffensive weapon and which one can’t be. It leads us -again- to the moral thing @rickvanmeijel was saying before.

Maybe someone else can answer your other question, I’m out of ideas/knowledge now.

Off Topic:
Do you guys let closed or opened the door of your bathroom?

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Closed, why? :thinking:

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Because in our family, we let it opened. I wondered that because how can you know if there is someone using it or it’s just empty.

Ah, ok understood… then my answer is closed when someone’s in it, partially closed when it’s empty… also we’re 3 at home so it’s usually obvious when someone’s using it… :grin:

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Thanks! Then it’s not too weird to let it like that. A friend of the family always let it closed and as we don’t know it, we think someone is inside.

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No prob! Well, in this case knock knock to know if it’s occupied :grin:

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So there is no offensive or inoffensive weapons… What counts is the intention or action of the person using it.

I close it. But my mom let’s it open.
May be it’s culture? Or some people are more private? Or can be one of those culture things? Or the way we were raised?

Anyways, sorry for the intrusion! hello! I’m a new LPU user! :grin:


No need to apologise, feel free to discuss any time!


The bathroom door in our house varies. And welcome, @manypintas. :slight_smile:

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