The smart questions thread

Yeah… :thinking: So…where is the justice at this point?

Again…I’m sorry, but while I read things here, new questions come to mind… I always have this feeling of not knowing enough… :sweat_smile:

It is the best when the mind is curious. You will just keep asking more questions and arrive at odd answers as to why things are the way they are. There is a point where even the nonsensical starts swirling in with greater truth. Though many choose not to go that deep, as it can lead to “insanity”.

Justice is biased in a way also. Lets look at the laws of nature. If a hunter starts taking out foxes for example, there will be a point where the species is at a minimum and can not really thrive because of this. The vermin it tended to hunt to survive may have a expansion in population, thus creating other problems.

Is it really just for the Fox to kill said vermin for survival? We see it as an evil deed, the Fox thinks survival-wise.

This is an example of a “Sacrifice for greater good”.

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:thinking: :thinking: :exploding_head: And who decides that this sacrifice is necessary?

Also… If the humans don’t interfere with nature laws, then all will have its own equilibrium and there’ll be the right amount of species of every kind…or not? Or that hunt is necessary too?
We as humans have to survive too…let aside the kill just for fun…that’s another thing…

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I said this some posts ago, but it comes of stupidity and lack of independence or self-sufficiency.

I don’t even watch the news, but their ignorance on some things is comedy gold, like any time there’s a big gaming release or something.


Well, I mean the controllers would be more in charge of that. We make war or peace, shed blood to give others freedom… or so they say.

I think even without human interference, species will tend to die off. Some even grow in population as mentioned earlier. Of course predators would get the upper hand, but once the prey are gone…

And yes, I don’t watch news either @the_termin8r but its funny to see how many people take things as factual when most of the time it seems to be biased and geared towards an agenda.

I mean most news stations read the same crap over and over

Seem like a bunch of parrots saying “Polly wants a cracker”.


Yeah! Without even check if they’re real or fake!!

Yeah, that too…there are examples in history…

New question: why journalists or whoever don’t check the sources? Or maybe they just say what who has the power want people to know?
Other question: do people want to know the truth? Is that the real reason why we’re submerged by fake news?

My favourite example. :joy: :joy: :joy:


History, if we don’t learn from it, we tend to repeat it. I mean, the ones who won wars are the ones who parade their truth to the masses and gets passed on to the next generation through education. Kind of like mating…

The Alpha male will try to appease a female in order to pass on its genes. The female of course wants the strongest genes so their kin can survive. Works even with the above example. The ones in control (Alpha) passing on their genes (information) over to the female, and the cycle goes on and on, even after said animal is gone.

If you want me to tell you my opinion on the matter? I say its done this way to keep the masses at bay. Most stuff you see on TV is either war, blood, protests, fights, etc. All negative things. When this gets implanted into your mind, you beLIEve that even your neighbor is a bad person! I walk out and see a different scenario. It always isn’t what “they” tell you is going on. If you really get that too much into your mind, you get paranoid and submit more easily for “freedom”.

If we were to speak “truth” in the terms of actually understanding why things are the way they are, it will drive people insane. Probably even have emotions of being powerless because they are just 1 person of the 7 billion and counting on Earth. So to me, when something crosses the mind/ears of a person that they don’t like, they just let “happy” thoughts sink in an keep on with their "reality of things. Doesn’t mean they are wrong, just means it may not be their time to see things for what they really are.

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I agree!!
(Now have to head off preparing dinner, later! Keep on discuss!!)

Yesyes this song is awesome. MJ knew some things I believe.

If that video doesn’t make it clear I don’t know what will. The mainstream media are the biggest publishers of fake news you’ll ever see


That video is a masterclass in the art of trolling. It gets my seal of approval. :joy:


What is consciousness, where does it come from? Is it a product of the mind or is it a separate part of our being?


A part of our brain.

I’m too tired to explain what I know.

I can’t wait for your answers (or lack thereof) xD

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This one is beyond me.

Consciousness is the product of understand what’s happening around us (inside and out our body). This process has its origen in the brain.

To me, it helps you to know what to do in determined cases, also to communicate some things respecting some rules and follow some models, etc.

I consider it as one of the first things we do automatically since we born and according the things we’re going learning (how people around us talk each other, how they talk, etc.)

This process changes according our perception of the reality and some external things (education, society, family, etc.) Also our perception of ourselves helps us to act and response some questions/matters.

In conclusion:
Consciousness is a process made for our brain to know what do/say.

And clarifying:
This is just my opinion, I’m not an expert neither I have studies in the subject.


Finally some replies! :smile:

Interesting thoughts @IronSoldier16. I don’t know much about the topic either but it has been fascinating me lately. For example when you start meditating, one of the first things you learn is to observe your thoughts and the way they come and go. Does that mean that your consciousness is observing these thoughts from the brain? What part of our being is exactly observing the thoughts? Or is it the brain observing itself?

Very nice answer @IronSoldier16 basicallly it helps us determine the biases not found in nature. Good/Bad and such. But aren’t these models constructed by the human being to determine the human being? We are the only animal that makes “logical” decisions based on it.

More than less, I’m reading some articles now. I jus can tell you that we use different types of consciousness.

As I see it, the brain uses the senses to comprehend the world and give an answer for what it -the brain- sees/feels. But, that would be an effect of the consciousness…

I’m not a neurologist :joy: let me read some articles now.

Later, I’ll let you know what I found out.
Nice questions by the way.

Ahhh this would be one of the different types of consciousness :upside_down_face:


Why are some legal charges so stupidly named? Like for example ‘possession of an offensive weapon’ or ‘voluntary manslaughter’. Surely the fact that something is a weapon already implies that it’s offensive. What’s an inoffensive weapon? And how can you deliberately accidentally kill someone?