The ride of a lifetime

I have no words for what has gone down…
Thankfully, Linkin Park did.

This race was left in the drawer because it portrayed things i didn’t want to expose.
But when turns decided i should expose other things, something funny happened

The ears you tried to warn shut off and all doors with them and to top it all, a group decided to make your name disappear.
50 pages of a topic were deleted and so did the username that created it, and to make it real, seven years of posts on a sport, from the man who tried to advance it, all vanished in thin air.

To their surprise, two obstacles got in the way.
a) that name was a very heavy Linkin Park fan and all that happened was already sang for
now it was time to add the visuals and… you know LP fans …
b) it was a weird name… a weird name indeed…

Not many can make it to the end of this ride.
Maybe LP fans (specially the U’s) could grab hold i thought.
Only hearts can know this ride’s secrets because hearts reach out with empathy and grab hold!
minds bail early!

As said in another post, if one is to take one ride, this should be it.
funny note you can’t see yet,
this race is not about me but about you!
it only relates to this rider in a sense that he’d decide to share!
happened to him but not for him!

part a)

part b)

part c)



I don’t know if this is because I don’t ride dirtbikes, but I’m very confused with these videos. I’m having a hard time making the connections between the dirtbike footage, the music, and the various captions and images overlaid on the video.

I guess I can understand the music added to the background to add an atmosphere to the dirtbike footage. However, the other overlaid captions, pictures, and text still seem confusing. Could you explain?

thank you for the question @jrtrussell

i understand the problem and it is happening because of me transitioning from riding to something new.
Still talking to a dirt bike world of racing some explanations were needed to understand the behavior of the bike while on the same time i am throwing hints to viewers like you as of why they should continue watching.

I have made shorter videos concerning what it is that has transformed but this was my attempt to share through a long video.
This thread is just that race but this race is the beginning of a 15 video playlist.

Part 1 is meant to give you reasons to continue watching
part 2 is where things start showing some teeth and part 3 is to conclude it all as all trilogies do.
i promise you one thing though, if you watch the first part to the very end you will know the exact reason this is happening. then on part 3 you will find more on that.

You will notice too… it was too complicated to put across and while we’re getting there, discussions on depression help the way to the point because out of depression did this rider bootstrap himself with the help of his brothers Mike and Chester.
No one else cared!

if someone can survive my ride with all this confusion flying around, then i bet they too can survive depression since it’s less complicated than that :slight_smile:
you are 100% correct on having a hard time with it, you are very honest and willing to help proven by your comment and i want you to take a deep breath and trust an LP bro because of those qualities of yours.

The reason this is happening is the next race that took place at a very “funny” spot which changed a man from …black to white…
That ride had a soundtrack too,
here’s a summary of why you are watching this but this is not a horse club to share this first

reference to a boat is because of another video of 2018 playlist under the same account.

and here’s the next race which is mentioned above that ended my career because it is now that i got really busy, racing was just a prologue to what’s ahead of us.

click here first and only watch till LP song ends,

Reason for sharing here is that i want LP fans to be the first to catch up!
it’s a matter of gratitude to a real family i have!
we were born for the final masquerade of today
missing this fact gets people depressed while they are born warriors that the enemy fears!
i’m only here to point!
this is war!

Where you think that i am really really weird, remind yourself:
i’m just one more LP fan that’s all :slight_smile:
high five brother!