How are you today?

thank you all for your sweet welcoming. :kissing_heart:


Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Just like the others have said already, we’re always here if you wanna talk.

Regarding your feelings, I really recommend you read through this thread by @mish3lka: My greatest fear just got worse. We had discussions there about similar topics.


Welcome! :grin:

Welcome :smiley:.

Isn’t this kind of similar to what are you doing post :expressionless:

hello @ance7 :smiley: Welcome to the community ! :heart:

Hiyya ance and everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been lurking around you soldiers for a while, but never really worked up to saying anything. So thanks for opening up this thread in a super laid back way. It’s amazing how just asking that simple question is a small bit of humanity that is often missing. Today, for me. was a rough day, and as with most of my rough days I turned to LP to talk myself down from the ledge. The song that worked today was ‘Blackout’ and it was cathartic AF. But what was different about today, though, is that I called one of those help hotlines for the first time ever… … … and had a HORRID experience with the alleged counselor that answered my call. He was SUPER judgy and condescending the total opposite of what I needed in crisis. And that made me super appreciate this space and you soldiers! You’ve helped so much more than that hotline just by being here and making space for the likes of me even when I’m silent the whole time. So, thanks. And hi from NYC :slight_smile:


hello @malikaedits :smiley: Its good to have you here. Sorry for that experience with depression hotlines :slight_smile: . Don’t worry everything will be fine veryy soon :blush: All you have to do is to stay strong :muscle: and keep hopes alive! :heart:
Welcome to the LPU forums. Hope you have a good time in here. Keep sharing love :wink: :sunny: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Helloooo @malikaedits !! Welcome on board! :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:
Keep fighting! You have the power to do so and also the support of this biiiiig caring family! :smile: :blush: :hugs:


Welcome, @malikaedits :slight_smile:


Hey welcome to you as well! Sorry to hear about that bad experience. You can always turn to us if you need support :slight_smile:

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hii I am very sorry for your bad experience whit hotline.

yeah, the question how are you most of the time is sad without meaning or any interest in how you are feeling that day so when my dad asks how was my day after I come home I always say it was just like all other days whatever it was good, bad or horrible.

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Yes!!! I never quite understood how that question became an empty phrase? it’s so many words! LOL, if you don’t actually want to know how I’m doing, then don’t ask. Just say hi! If nothing else it’s fewer words. LOL

Also hi everyone thanks so much for the warm welcome <3

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always an honor to meet people who worry about this world!
not very surprisingly, it’s another LP fan!
i don’t expect the same worries from Rihanna fans…

Dear fellow 7, worry not!
keep looking at your mirror to make yourself better for the sake of others and the world is coming to where it’s meant to go.

There are two ways to see this world.
One is chance, the other is destiny.
can you see the two trees spanning from these two different world views?
if no one is on the wheel… I agree, this is a very scary place!

maybe i sound confusing… that’s because i’m more of a video editor than a writer
and i can invite you into my worldview whenever you feel like taking a dive!

welcome to the corner of the weirdest people on the web!
looks like you’ll fit right in :smirk:


Welcome! :grin:

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welcome to the club dear @malikaedits

Funny, it was last night that i figured out a perfect profession for me.
I’d like to work on the suicide prevention hotline.
every story feels so personal to me that i would give the world to be there instead of this judgy type and if only i could do it for all who call!
i have a thing with judging… and with thinking… but i don’t want to digress
after all this is just a welcome home post :slight_smile: :wink:

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btw… as stated in another post, Blackout is what kept me going in times of need too!

and it lead the way for me to really grasp
“Guilty all the same”, “roads untraveled” and “a line in the sand”!
I hope they can have the same effect on your way to recovery as they did on mine.

line in the sand is the epitome of death and rebirth!
highlight of mine!

but only one version gives me the feeling. the first.
(only clip i could find)

(my music video is better and includes no tanks!)
oh wait… lol it does include a tank :stuck_out_tongue: (Grande Finale p3 @min 55)
from 3:00 on (above), dedicated to all LP soldiers!
<3 :hugs:

thank you for your kind words.
looks like this is a place where I can speak my mind out and I won’t be judged

yes, it is a very scary place to live and the fact that there can be no tomorrow and that people know it but don’t do anything to stop it just makes me very sad.

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