The challenge thread

I did the GIF challenge, but then I was tagged in The Lie challenge. And later in The Foreign Language challenge. Why am I being challenged so many times?

When pl Mr @amitrish did you the lie challange for who and where posted, please @amitrish, Mr. btw,answer! IMMMEDIATELY

I wasn’t able to participate in it, as I was not online in the last 24 hours. Also, you tagged and asked me something somewhere, but I couldn’t answer it. Sorry for the delay & for not responding.

so @amitrish, you have to do it still, am I right, YEAH think so, so go on up and show the lie challenge on your way, it´s interesting, I made the experience how easy it is to be an ass***, said this on other topic, maybe the vine, or I try to do all things at least twice…

So I did my challenge, do I get to start one now?


@Gatsie makes interesting thread games

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@the_termin8r1 where are your compliments buddy, till this evening you´re on, @TripleXero [000] you can give one to sbd playing with us any challange you like I think or am I wrong @the_termin8r1, @amitrish awaiting your lies

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I’m making them. It’s a tag at the end of every post

@The_early_walker is determined to see me finish my challenge :laughing:

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I challenge @EvoOba to use a section of lyrics from any Linkin Park related song in every post. Doesn’t have to be long, just a distinguishable part. You can’t get away with just the word “the” just because In the End uses it :yum:

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Oh tough one, but I’ll do my best!

Ah shooks glad you’re entertained :smile:

who is on what challange?

I just finished mine so I get to tag somebody.

Until tomorrow evening you have to type up your replies in as much slang as possible.

fo shizzle mah nizzle

Hey. So sorry I missed my challenge, had a few technical probs the last few days - yeah I’m not doing the lie challenge either :joy: It’s fun game tho​:clap:t2:

Seems you want a challenge :stuck_out_tongue: Now let’s see…

@BELL_LP your challenge is to not use a single piece of slang or a shortened word (don’t, can’t, didn’t, etc…) or any informal abbreviations (lol, brb, etc…) until tomorrow evening. Also, by formal abbreviations I mean things like LED for light emitting diode or anything of the sort. Your challenge ends tomorrow evening.

I formally accept your challenge! @the_termin8r1 starting now…

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so @the_termin8tr1 do you like a new challange? Oh not? you maybe at college today, so if you read this here from that minute you read it you have to post for 5 hrs the opposite of what you would like to say…
Take it?

I’m in college for most of today, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up for a challenge :blush:

so answer, you take it than FROM THIS EVENING when you jump in for ab three hours…DEAL???