The challenge thread

Lol, no. That’s not me. He’s name is Jason as far as I know. He does videos on the engineering of cars. I only brought it up because he looked a it like Rob (back in ~2008) from LP to me.

[even the machine telling me appearently body is invalid]

Ah, yeah, I got that a couple of times, no clue why it happens.

What time you let me out? @the_termin8r1? I think I done enough!

Now that I’m finally home, I get to challenge you guys.

Any one of you can try, I won’t tag anyone in specific.
So, you have to write lkie tihs for 24 hours (basically blend the letters of each word but always keep the first and last letter in the correct order. You’ll be surprised at how easily you’ll be able to read everything).

Ok you’ve passed, time for you to challenge somebody.

I might try this unless I get tagged.

I tag @the_termin8r1:
Till tomorow evening you have to post with every post answering to sbd, you must make a nice, warm compliment to the person!
You take it?

I can do that. @The_early_walker sets easy challenges, thanks :blush:

If she can don’t post every single post with a lie, that means I can definitely tag somebody for the next challenge.

My god, why are there so few ppl active again? The prospect of ppl having to do challenges scares them off.

Ok so @EvoOba (since she dare to challenge ppl without doing a challenge yet), she has to post part of her post in a foreign language (but the foreign language part of her post everybody más o menos comprendes without using translation)

But I have already done @the_termin8r1’s challenge. Plus, δεν νομίζω να καταλάβει κανείς τι θα γράφω.

You can be tagged again if you’re not already doing one.

But I’m sure u could guess that comprendes = comprehend, so you would more or less comprehend what was been said.

Not really. I don’t speak Spanish, Portuguese or French to “connect” the meaning. Seems completely different than English to me.

Sigh… Wrong person to tag indeed. Gives a more literal meaning to this idiom:

LOL, sorry about that. At least you can see what I’m writing, a few months ago it appeared like this ???.

Also, fun fact: Everyone else in the world says “It’s all Greek to me”, we say something like “It’s all Chinese to me”.

Just in case you didn’t knew the technical term for that.

Oh, I didn’t. Thanks! :slight_smile:

No problem. I am full of random & useless information as well.

Ok so @amitrish must post part of his

Cuz he didn’t do @the_termin8r1 challenge.