Release Your Anger

This is another topic inspired by the old Linkin Park forum, the other being The Person Above Me. I’d get a link to the old forum, but the Internet Archive is down.

If you ever have a day where you need to release your anger about whatever it may be, do it here. Be civilized about it, though. No need to be swearing every other word! :laughing:

I’ve been really mad about parking spaces at my school lately. For the longest time, I got it a close spot so I didn’t have to walk far in the cold. Recently, someone else has been taking it. I’m not really mad that it’s taken, first come, first serve, but there’s room for TWO cars, and the person always parks right in the middle of the two spaces. :rage:

I mean, why? There’s no reason for it. They aren’t going to get parked in and struggle to get out, there’s space on either side, the person is just getting in my (or other’s) way


im really angry at my father, my mother and my old classmates. yes that a whole lot im angry with.

My father is a narcist who tries to push me and my family down. always being mean about everything, always treating us like we are nothing more than his little slaves. always saying how much dumber we are and how we can do nothing right. always acts like he’s the king of the house. and then how he pretends to be a nice person towards the outside world. it sickens me.

Im angry at my mother because she allowes this to happen. even if i tell her not to give in to his nonsense, she doesnt listen and always does what mr wants her to.

Im angry at my old classmates because they treated me like shit. because i was already an insecure depressed wreck to begin, i was an easy target to bully. i had no friends, like, at all. I had some people who pretended to be my friend, but they were only my friends when they needed something from me. and if i needed them, i was like a ghost for them. it made me feel so cold and alone.

Though my new classmates are a lot nicer and for the first time in a long time, i actually have some friends who do understand me and how i feel. but i think thats mostly because they have some same kind of problems, so they can relate to it. and though i do feel a lot better now, i still get emotional sometimes.

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You’ve also got friends on the here now. I’m sure there’s a lot of people that will be willing to cheer you up and help you out when you need it. By the way it sounds, at least some things are getting better for you, and I hope more will in the future



Rain… Who the fk invented this sht!? No one needs it! If I wanted to get wet I could take a shower but go away with this m**fkg RAINNN!

Oh… well I didn’t read “No need to be swearing every other word”… :smiley:

There are no words to express my bottled up anger.

If Anger’s a gift, I then I guess I been blessed…


@Fabienne_Beuks1 i think @TripleXero is right, and the future is always bright :smile: atleast you’re not unreasonably angry at rain like @lpchris1 or at the keyboard like @purrfect
tagging almost everyone

I somehow have now managed to learn the trick of “not giving a flying f***”. Maybe I will pass the teaching to others someday :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mines isn’t, all my hopes and dreams were crushed

I’m angry at my calculus 2 teacher for not actually, you know, teaching! I paid my tuition and I expected to be taught.

I’m also angry at these chairs at eye doctors office, they’re horrible. I’m angry I have to be at the eye doctor at all because it means I’m having surgery. I’ve already been waiting for 15 minutes and I bet it will only get longer. I have valuable things to do with my time!

Never Forget: “Some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”

@purrfect Hey! shut the fjkfdljaklfsda up!



oh, your picture… i’ve seen you before… slowly moves to person :3
snaps @lp13413 neck

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@intheend shut the fukjkjkjfkjdkfjdkfjdkfjdkfjdkfjdkfjdkfjdkfjdkfjkdfjdkf up Meme!

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@intheend I’ll not! grrrrrhhhhhhh!

@purrfect & @intheend SHUT UP WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!! :skull:

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@purrfect @amitrish @lp13413 @TripleXero


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